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Woodstock Little League is the only in-house organization in Woodstock, Illinois. Our primary goal is to give all players the opportunity to develop not only baseball skills but learn character development traits such as teamwork and sportsmanship. We offer a Spring Season (April - June) and a Fall Season (August-October). 

 Minors $1857-8 year oldsA introduction to baseball. 6-year-olds who have played a year of T-Ball or Bittie Ball can move up to the Minors Division ONLY AFTER an evaluation is completed.  Practices start at the beginning of April. Once games start we play on Saturday, with a weeknight practice, until school is out and then move to a weeknight practice, weeknight game, and Saturday game once Summer break starts.  All games are local against other Woodstock teams.  Field size is 46/60
 Majors $2359-10 Year Olds A introduction to competitive baseball. 8-year-olds and 11-year-olds can move to the Majors Division ONLY AFTER an evaluation is completed.  Practices start at the beginning of April. Once games start we run a weeknight practice, a weeknight game, and a Saturday game.  All games are local against other Woodstock teams.  Field size is 46/60
 Intermediate $26011-12 Year OldsCompetitive baseball. 13-year-olds can move to the Intermediate Division ONLY AFTER an evaluation is completed.  10 year olds CANNOT move to the Intermediate Division under any condition. Practices start at the beginning of April. Games are played against Woodstock and Crystal Lake teams and includes a 12-15 game regular season schedule.  Field size is 50/70
 Juniors $28513-15 Year Olds Competitive baseball. 15-year-olds who are not playing High School baseball can play in Juniors.  Practices start at the beginning of April. Games are played against teams from Little League District 13 (Streamwood, Bartlett, Elgin, South Elgin, Huntley, Hampshire, etc) and includes a 15-18 game regular season schedule.  Field size is 60/90


In 1939 Carl Stotz saw that there was a gap when it came to youth sports; there was no organized youth baseball league for pre-teens.  So, with the help of George and Bert Bebble they organized what would become the first three teams in Little League: Lycoming Dairy, Lundy Lumber, and Jumbo Pretzel.  Now, 85 years later, Little League Baseball and Softball is played in over 80 countries by over 2.6 million children and Elgin National Little League is proud to be a part of the tradition.

Minors - League Ages 7-8

    • The Minor League plays under Little League rules with some local adapted rules to balance fairness and competitiveness. Strikeouts are introduced and scores are kept.  Any player who is league age 6 and has played 1 year in the T-Ball/Bittie Ball program is eligible to participate. Team placement is determined by player evaluation and draft.
    Majors - League Ages 9-10
    • The Majors Division is for players 9-10. The diamond used is a 60-foot diamond and the pitching distance is 46 feet.  Standings and pitching logs are recorded at this level. Team placement is determined by player evaluation and draft. This division will play against other Woodstock teams.
  • Intermediate 50/70 - League Ages 11-12
    • The Intermediate Division moves the pitching mound back to 50 feet and bases to 70 feet (compared to 46/60), allows for leadoffs, pickoffs, dropped third strikes, and full baseball rules. This division will play against teams from Woodstock & Crystal Lake. Team placement is determined by player evaluation and draft.
  • Junior - League Ages 13-14
    • The Junior Division is the advancement to larger fields (90 foot bases) and retains the policies and rules of Little League in providing a progression of age and skills. Team placement is determined by player evaluation and draft.

Q. What programs do you offer?
T-Ball (FALL BALL ONLY), Baseball,  part-time and full time travel baseball (HEAT) programs are offered.  Woodstock Little League programs are designed for boys and girls, ages 4 through 19.

- Spring season runs from April through June. Practices begin in April. 
- Fall season runs from mid-August through October. Practices begin mid August.
- The HEAT travel program is based on tryouts held in July.
- All-Star tournaments play mid-July, and dependent on success, may progress through August.

Additionally, off-season training is optional but encouraged, and offered for all ages

Q: How is a player's league age determined?
 Little League International defines a players age as the age they will be by a designated date. Cut offs dates include August 31 for baseball, December 31 for softball, and April 30 for travel.

Q. What do registration fees include?

A.  Uniforms including jersey, hat, and socks are provided for all players.  League fees are applied toward game, tournament, and umpire fees, team equipment, field maintenance, insurance and Little League membership dues.

Q. Are Tryouts required for Little League teams?

A. No* Every player who registers is assigned to a team, but the league holds evaluations prior to season start to build equitable teams. These are not meant to cause stress or pressure. It is simply a tool used to evaluate players for drafting team assignments.

  • Players participating in Minors, Majors, and Intermediate (50/70), and Junior’s MUST attend evaluation.
  • Team selection for 7 year-olds and up is based on skill. We try our best to distribute talent and build balanced teams; therefore your child may be placed on a team different from his usual group of friends. Generally, they know someone on their team, and if not, it is great opportunity to meet NEW friends and families. If you make a request for placement, that will be considered secondary to the drafting manager's chosen priorities
  • *Tryouts ARE required for the Woodstock HEAT Travel Program. Tryouts are typically completed in July the previous year, as Travel ball season practice begins earlier than Little League divisions.

Q: How are practice times and locations scheduled?
A: Practices cannot begin until the season starts. Practices are requested by the Team Managers, but subject to field availability and assigned by the appropriate Division VP.  At times, that may require sharing fields to accommodate requests. Any family requests should be directed to the Team Manager.

Q. When will schedules come out?

A. Schedules come out at the beginning of April for Spring and mid-August for Fall. Your Team Manager will be able to provide you with a schedule as soon as they receive it.  Once the season begins, make up games for rain outs can be mixed in though out the remaining weeks.

Q: Who determines if a game is rained out or canceled?
A: Home team coaches/managers are responsible for making game cancellations and reschedules. The league has guidelines to determine if games are playable. Midwest (specifically Chicagoland) weather, can be unpredictable. Every attempt is made to play a game as scheduled when possible. Rain may be on the radar, or present at your house, but doesn't necessarily mean it's present at the field. The presence of rain nearby or forecasted is not grounds for cancellation. The game can be played in light rain, without the presence of lightening or inclement weather. It may rain for hours but conclude prior to game start. Subsequently it could begin raining before the game has finished. Those games may be playable. Field conditions are an additional factor when determining whether or not to play. In some cases, the league will close the fields or cancel all games for inclement weather, but typically, games are canceled at the coaches discretion.

It is the coaches responsibility to notify players, the opposing team (2 hours notice against another league), and the Division VP. T

Q: When are make-up games rescheduled?
A: Games are scheduled for the first available open date, while attempting to limit an excess of games in one week. It may need to be rescheduled as early as the next day to maximize field availability. Every attempt is made to allow a week for a make-up limiting the affect on player/family schedules, but occasionally, a quick turn-around is required. 

Q: How are positions assigned? Should players be assigned to each position and get equal play time?
Managers assign positions at their discretion. Team needs, player versatility, player specialization, sportsmanship, safety, and rules are all determining factors when coaches assign positions. 

  • Instructional divisions include Minors & lower. It is encouraged that managers give players opportunities to experience as many positions as possible.
  • In the 9/10 levels and each division thereafter, player specialization will increase and affect player assignments. (ie: a first basemen needs to demonstrate ability to catch a ball & a pitcher should be able to throw strikes).
  • Concerns should be addressed with team Managers. Managers and coaches will be able to offer player insight, expectations of certain positions, and suggestions at that time.
  • As players advance through divisions, it will become more common for position specialization and less rotation. 
  • Every position is important in baseball. The outcome of the game is determined by plays at every position.

Q: What can I do to help my child become a better player?
Practice at home. The amount a player learns is limited by practice time constraints and season length. For additional instruction, off-season training is offered through the league. Baseball camps and private training are also options outside the league. 

Q: Who is eligible for All-Stars?
A: Little League International establishes All Star eligibility rules.

  • Players must have proof of age AND residency or be a student within Woodstock Little League Boundaries which include birth certificates, documentation of residence or a school voucher form. 
  • Players must play a minimum of 60% of regular season Little League games. 

Q: When is the All-Star season?
A: All-Star tournaments begin in mid-June and dependent on success, can run through August.

Q: How do I become a coach?
 You can volunteer during player registration. Anyone with a player registered with the league is eligible to volunteer.

  • All volunteers are required to pass a background check. 
  • Coaches are selected by the Board of Directors
  • In the event there is an abundance of volunteers, preference may be given to those with prior coaching, baseball or softball, or Little League experience. Availability may also be considered. 


Q. What do I do if I have an issue with my manager/coach?

A. You should first discuss the problem with your manager/coach to see if the problem can be resolved. If the problem persists or if you feel uncomfortable talking to your manager/coach, contact your appropriate Division VP, the Executive Director responsible for your program, the Director of Member Services, and/or the Player Agent. 

Q: How to I become involved?
A: Woodstock  Little League is operated solely by volunteers and involvement is both welcomed and appreciated.
Opportunities to be involved include:

  • Volunteering for the role of Team Manager/Head Coach, Assistant Coach, or Team Parent
  • Fundraising
  • Helping during field days
  • Volunteering during tournaments (scorekeeper & field prep)
  • Helping WLL acquire sponsors (email [email protected] for more info)
  • Joining the Woodstock Little League Board of Directors (annual elections are held in October)

Q: Who can become a board member?
A: The board is simply made up of volunteers within the league Annual elections are held in October. 

Q: What does the Board of Directors do?
A: The board makes decisions for the league, and ensures it's operation during the season, but offers directives and preparations year round. This includes monthly board meetings, daily conversations via email, phone calls, face-to-face discussions, offering help at the fields and/or in concessions, participating in players evaluations, sizing, uniform distribution, opening day and closing ceremonies, family appreciation day, parades, fundraising, and fundraiser distribution. Topics decided by the board include but are not limited to budget, registration costs, field upgrades, uniforms, equipment, coaches selection and training, field designation, field maintenance, umpires, scheduling, tournaments, fundraising, sponsorships, marketing, and leadership.


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