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Portland Soccer Club - Fall 2014 Season

Recreational Soccer - Fall 2014

The Portland Soccer Club (PSC) is now accepting registrations for the Fall 2014 recreational soccer season, until September 1, 2014.  Registrations received on or after August 16, 2014 will be charged an additional $15 dollar late fee.  The PSC will only accept registrations through their on-line registration system, which can be accessed via the Internet at you do not have internet access available, it can also be accessed at the Portland Library.

The cost per registrant is $55.  Recreational jerseys for Pre-K and full team uniforms for all other divisions are included in the registration fees and will be available during the first day of play. 

The Fall Recreational Season will run from 9/6/14 - 10/25/14 (8 week Season)

All Recreational Games will take place on Saturdays at Camp Ingersoll

Pre-K sessions: 9:00-10:00 (no practice during the week)
Dribbler sessions: 8:30-10:00 (no practice during the week)
Kicker sessions: 8:30-10:00 (one practice during the week)
Striker sessions: (format to be decided based on participation levels)

Recreational programs will be available for the following age groups, during our fall season:

 U5 (08/01/09) TO (07/31/10) - Pre-K Recreational
U6 (08/01/08) TO (07/31/09) - Dribbler Recreational
U7 (08/01/07) TO (07/31/08) - Kicker Recreational
U8 (08/01/06) TO (07/31/07) - Kicker Recreational
U9 (08/01/05) TO (07/31/06) - Striker Recreational
U10 (08/01/04) TO (07/31/05) - Striker Recreational
U11 (08/01/03) TO (07/31/04) – Striker Recreational
U12 (08/01/02) TO (07/31/03) – Striker Recreational

Club Contacts:

Chris Donahue- President - or (860-342-3228)
Chris Dickman - Vice President - - 860-342-5047
Nick Stevas - Registrar – or (860-342-5791)


Club Announcement

NOW OPEN - 2014 Challenger British Soccer Camp Registration

Aug 18-22, Rose Hill Fields

Portland Soccer Club Looking for Volunteers:

The Portland Soccer Club is a volunteer run organization that helps promote soccer in the town of Portland through a Recreation League and Travel League.  The club is always looking for volunteers that are willing to help our organization continue to provide a quality program to the residents of Portland.  Please consider participating and contact board members if you are interested in helping in any capacity.

We are looking for people to step up an fill various committee positions in the coming year starting July 1, 2014. Please email the President if you are interested before June 1, 2014.

We are in need of volunteers to help manage the website, organize the annual awards, and others to fill positions for the 2014 including registrar.

Contact Info

Soccer Club Contact Information P.O. Box 262Portland, CT 06480

 Chris Donahue- President - or (860-342-3228)
Chris Dickman - Vice President - - 860-342-5047
Joe Balskus - Registrar - or (860-342-5410)





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