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Greetings from Stafford Springs Soccer Club

Return To Play logistics

(July 27, 2020)
Revised: 9/22/2020

Re-Opening Youth Soccer in Stafford Springs, CT

Coach Narrative


Social Distancing & return to play measures for youth soccer

What Stafford is implementing



1.    Attend a mandatory training seminar that explains the coach responsibilities rules prior to your first player training session.

2.    Wear a face covering.  Get used to talking through a facemask. Phase 1 requires coaches to have face coverings at all times.  Phase 2 guidelines allow for temporary face covering removal during active play during training   Phase 3 requires coaches wear a face covering for all matches.

3.    Have an assistant or two.  Feel sick, stay home.  Expect it to happen and prepare for it.

4.    Delegate a single assistant coach or coordinator to handle setup of all practice peripherals such as cones or flags.

5.    Delegate an assistant coach or coordinator to keep an attendance log of every player or coach / volunteer at each event.  Take attendance during the check in process at player drop off area.  The purpose is to supplement any contact tracing that may be required in the event a positive COVID 19 test occurs.

6.    Ask each player how they are feeling when they arrive and when they leave.  Only track reports of sickness.

7.    Operate groups in consistent cohorts to minimize chance for virus spread. Groups are no larger than 10 participants including coaches.  If more spread out into additional groups.  Leverage the recommended training activities from the CJSA website.

8.    In Phase 2, 30 minutes may be allocated to an Intrasquad scrimmage,

9.    In the event of a positive case, the entire team must quarantine for 14 days potentially leading to the postponement of scheduled matches.


10.    Feel sick, stay home.  Check for fever, dry cough, other Covid-19 symptoms ( regularly and just prior to practice or game. If symptomatic, contact your healthcare provider.

11.  Anyone presumed positive (but without testing) for Covid-19 must be free of fever without medication for 24 hours, have symptoms resolving and be at least 10 days out from symptom onset to return.

12.  Anyone diagnosed with Covid-19 with a positive test must test negative twice, with the 2 tests at least 24 hours apart to return.

13.  Should a healthcare provider rule out Covid-19, a doctor's note will be required to return, if within a shorter time period than outlined above.

14.  Anyone who has had a known exposure to a Covid-19 case will quarantine for 14 days before return.
15.  Policies are subject to change. Any change in CDC guidelines, state or local mandates, or CJSA policies may force SSSC policies to be adjusted even before this document is updated.


The mitigations are all targeted for the behaviors around the game.  The game itself is allowed to be played as it has always meant to be.

Full compliance is paramount.  The entire program can be shut down with nearly any evidence of non compliance.  Take it seriously.


Protect those most vulnerable.  Anyone 65 or older, or with other risk factors, should stay isolated from players for up to 14 days after their last group soccer event.  This goes for our coaching staffs as well.  Players, coaches, parents who don’t feel well or have symptoms must stay home.  Anyone exposed to a known COVID-19 positive individual must self quarantine for 14 days. 


Over-communicate.  We will provide multiple forms of information disbursement.  This will include memos, emails, website posts, social media and Zoom video chat.  We will provide the ability for two way communication, via email, Zoom video chat, and event social ambassador (look for arm band or lanyard).  Expect updates as the guidance is updated.


Thank you!

Dave Bachiochi


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Field Directory


Stafford High Varsity

145 Orcuttville Road Stafford Springs Connecticut United States 06076

Lower Soccer field

(Last updated 09/10/20 at 12:41 PM )

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Field 1

11v11 full sized field

(Last updated 09/10/20 at 12:41 PM )

Field 2

9v9 North (left half of varsity field) subject to COVID mitigations

(Last updated 07/17/20 at 08:26 PM )

Field 3

9v9 South (right half of varsity field) subject to COVID mtigations

(Last updated 09/10/20 at 12:41 PM )

Stafford Middle School

Levinthal Run Stafford Springs Connecticut United States 06076

Field complex

(Last updated 09/10/20 at 12:41 PM )

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Field 1

Field 8 Softball adjacent to large field; practices only

(Last updated 09/27/20 at 06:52 PM )

Field 2

Field 9 Softball behind the hill

(Last updated 09/10/20 at 12:41 PM )

Field 3

full sized middle school adjacent to parking lot

(Last updated 07/17/20 at 08:26 PM )

Stafford High Lighted Field

145 Orcuttville Road Stafford Springs Connecticut United States 06076

On Wednesdays only

(Last updated 09/27/20 at 06:51 PM )

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Field Status

Open Open

Stafford High Varsity (12:41 PM | 09/10/20)

Open Open

Field 1 (12:41 PM | 09/10/20)

Closed Closed

Field 2 (08:26 PM | 07/17/20)

Open Open

Field 3 (12:41 PM | 09/10/20)

Open Open

Stafford Middle School (12:41 PM | 09/10/20)

Open Open

Field 1 (06:52 PM | 09/27/20)

Open Open

Field 2 (12:41 PM | 09/10/20)

Open Open

Field 3 (08:26 PM | 07/17/20)

Partially Open Partially Open

Stafford High Lighted Field (06:51 PM | 09/27/20)