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Greetings from Stafford Springs Soccer Club

Return To Play logistics

(July 27, 2020)

Re-Opening Youth Soccer in Stafford Springs, CT

Parent Narrative


Social Distancing & return to play measures for youth soccer

What Stafford is implementing



1.    First and foremost, if you don't feel comfortable having your child participate, then don't. Period. Just because you can doesn’t mean you must.

2.    Second and very important. Conduct health check prior to and immediately after every session, practice or game. This includes temperature check and checklist for COVID symptoms. All families should follow the simple self assessment tool from the Mayo Clinic. .  Check in with Team Covid Coordinator or Coach upon arrival to certify symptom check was completed. Check in is required so please don’t just drop off player and leave without checking in.  The club is looking to automate this check in process, so stay tuned for changes here.

3.    Every player (and spectator) must follow the state of CT travel advisory regarding 14 day quarantine requirements in force at the time, before participating in SSSC activities.

4.    It is also recommended that you "live local" and be symptom free and have had no contact with any known or suspected case of Covid-19 for the 14 days prior to the start of training.

5.    Ensure that your child has all their own equipment with them, as equipment will not be shared.  Clean and sanitize their equipment after every training.

6.    Observe (spectator / parent / player) 14 day quarantine after known exposure to anyone with Covid-19. Anyone diagnosed with Covid-19 with a positive test must test negative twice, with the 2 tests at least 24 hours apart to return to play.

7.    Notify the club immediately if your child has become sick.

8.    If you don't already, start keeping a diary of people with whom your family members come in contact.  This will support contact tracing efforts if ever needed. It would be a public health official conducting contact tracing, not the club or other parent or coach.

9.    Bring a face covering.  Wear it upon exiting your vehicle and in all spectator zones.  All areas near the playing fields will be designated as Spectator Zones and will require wearing of face coverings AND social distancing.  This is more strict than the face covering practices set by the governor.

10.  Consider video chat video recording or Facebook live for vulnerable spectators.

11.  Be prompt for kid drop off and pick up.  Do not drop player off more than 5 minutes before assigned time and leave immediately after session ends.

12.  CJSA recommends no carpooling.  This means to minimize ride sharing with people you don’t normally associate with.


The mitigations are all targeted for the behaviors around the game.  The game itself is allowed to be played as it has always meant to be.

Full compliance is paramount.  The entire program can be shut down with nearly any evidence of non compliance.  Take it seriously.


Protect those most vulnerable.  Anyone 65 or older, or with other risk factors, should stay isolated from players for up to 14 days after their last group soccer event.  This goes for our coaching staffs as well.  Players, coaches, parents who don’t feel well or have symptoms must stay home.  Anyone exposed to a known COVID-19 positive individual must self quarantine for 14 days. 


Over-communicate.  We will provide multiple forms of information disbursement.  This will include memos, emails, website posts, social media and Zoom video chat.  We will provide the ability for two way communication, via email, Zoom video chat, and event social ambassador (look for arm band).  Expect updates as the guidance is updated.


Thank you!

Dave Bachiochi


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Field Directory


Stafford High Varsity

145 Orcuttville Road Stafford Springs Connecticut United States 06076

Lower Soccer field

(Last updated 09/10/20 at 12:41 PM )

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Field 1

11v11 full sized field

(Last updated 09/10/20 at 12:41 PM )

Field 2

9v9 North (left half of varsity field) subject to COVID mitigations

(Last updated 07/17/20 at 08:26 PM )

Field 3

9v9 South (right half of varsity field) subject to COVID mtigations

(Last updated 09/10/20 at 12:41 PM )

Stafford Middle School

Levinthal Run Stafford Springs Connecticut United States 06076

Field complex

(Last updated 09/10/20 at 12:41 PM )

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Field 1

Field 8 Softball adjacent to large field; practices only

(Last updated 09/27/20 at 06:52 PM )

Field 2

Field 9 Softball behind the hill

(Last updated 09/10/20 at 12:41 PM )

Field 3

full sized middle school adjacent to parking lot

(Last updated 07/17/20 at 08:26 PM )

Stafford High Lighted Field

145 Orcuttville Road Stafford Springs Connecticut United States 06076

On Wednesdays only

(Last updated 09/27/20 at 06:51 PM )

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Field Status

Open Open

Stafford High Varsity (12:41 PM | 09/10/20)

Open Open

Field 1 (12:41 PM | 09/10/20)

Closed Closed

Field 2 (08:26 PM | 07/17/20)

Open Open

Field 3 (12:41 PM | 09/10/20)

Open Open

Stafford Middle School (12:41 PM | 09/10/20)

Open Open

Field 1 (06:52 PM | 09/27/20)

Open Open

Field 2 (12:41 PM | 09/10/20)

Open Open

Field 3 (08:26 PM | 07/17/20)

Partially Open Partially Open

Stafford High Lighted Field (06:51 PM | 09/27/20)