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Lexington County Girls Soccer Association

Rules and regs.

Lexington County Girls Soccer Association Rules and Regulations



LCGSA has set forth a set of rules and regulations to ensure the safety of the players, spectators, and game officials.  It is hoped that by enforcing these rules, everyone will have an enjoyable soccer experience.  The Rules have been broken down into sections to make it easier to read.   Please feel free to print these off and take them to the field with you on game day.



Rules for all games and coaches:

Coaches are responsible for going over the parent portion of the LCGSA Handbook with the parents and/or guardians of each player.  He/she must ensure that the Parent's Code of Ethics and Medical Release forms are signed by the parent or guardian of each player, understanding that if not signed, the player will not be able to participate in any LCGSA event.

A copy of the Medical Release form, Code of Ethics, Team Roster, and LCGSA Handbook must be in the coach's possession during each game.

A copy of the signed Code of Ethics form must be received by the league secretary a reasonable time prior to the first game for your team to be able to play.

Assistance from the coach may be required in collection registration forms, uncollected fees, missing information, etc.


Playing Times:

All players will play a minimum of half of each game.

If playing quarters, each player must play a quarter during each half.

Players present at the beginning of the game or prior to the beginning of the second quarter shall play half the game.

A player that arrives after the second quarter has begun will play at least one quarter of the second half.

Exceptions include injury, illness, or having been removed from the game.



Substitutions in LCGSA games are only allowed at the quarters and halftime for the younger age groups.  Under 11, Under 14 and Under 19 divisions will follow the free substitution rule. Each team can sub only on their possession of a throw in and.  Each team may sub on goal kicks.

Exceptions to this are injury, illness, or removal from the game for rules violations.


Quarter Period:

All younger LCGSA games will be divided into quarters.  Older age divisions (U11, U14 & U19) will play halves.

There will be a two (2) minute break between the first and second quarter and between the third and fourth quarter.  There will be a five (5) minute halftime break.  The game clock stops for quarters and halftime. 

Players on the field and not being substituted, are to remain on the field during the two minute break between quarters


Game Schedules:

Game dates and times will only be changed for exceptional circumstances.

Decisions on changing game dates and times will be made by the League President.

Coaches may not change the schedule under any circumstances.

Coaches will notify parents and players in the event a game date/time is changed and will notify them of the rescheduling.


Equal Numbers of Players:

In the event that a team shows to play a scheduled game without the legal maximum number of players allowed on the field of play, the team with more payers will either; 1) play down to the number of players on the opposing team, or 2) share players with the opposing team to make teams numerically equal.

The coach with the appropriate number of players present will have the option of whether to play down numerically or to share players.

The teams will adjust the teams to be as numerically equal as possible, as other players arrive, injuries require removal from the game, etc.

Adjustments to the game must be done through the referee

The "sharing" of players will only be done between the two teams currently playing.  No team may pull players from other teams except the current opponent in order to gain numbers to play evenly.

The only exception to playing equal number of players is when a player has been ejected from the game for rules violations.


Coaches on the Sideline:

Teams and coaches are to be on one side of the field with the spectators and parents on the other.

One head coach and two assistant coaches are allowed on the team sideline during games.

Only two coaches per team are allowed to instruct players during the game.  For example, one coach can instruct the defense, and one can instruct the offense, and one can monitor the behavior of the other players on the sideline.

Coaches are to stay on the half of the sideline where their respective team is located.

Coaches are not allowed on the field after the start of play unless an injury occurs and is summoned by the referee.

Coaches of the Under-6 teams are allowed on the field of play when it is their time to referee.



Coaches, players, or spectaters are not allowed to harass or interfere with the referee prior to, during, or after the games.

The referee's decisions on all aspects of the game are FINAL.



No practices or scrimmages are allowed in the off season.

Coaches will begin practice as notified by the league.

Under-6 teams are limited to one practice per week.

Teams in other age groups are limited to no more than 2 practices per week.

Practice for U-6 and U-8 teams is limited to one hour.   Under-11 and above are limited to 1 hour and 30 minutes.

Assigned practice times may not allow for practices to be completed on fields that are assigned to another coach.



There will be no goalkeeper in the Under-6 games.

Four different goalkeepers, one per quarter, will be used in the Under-8

Under-11 and above teams may use one or more goalkeepers.   It is recommended that one player not have to play goalkeeper the entire game.



Be at the assigned field 30 minutes before the game and ready to play 15 minutes before the game is scheduled to begin.

Opposing coaches and players will line up on the center line and shake hands after the conclusion of each game.


Roster Changes:

Only league officials may add players to a team.

Coaches will not play anyone not approved by the league.

Players added to a team may not play until her registration form and fee has been received by the league secretary, the coach has reviewed the LCGSA handbook with the parents/guardians, the Code of Ethics form and Medical Release forms are signed and received by the league Secretary.


Violation of Rules:

Infraction of the rules will be dealt with by the League President, Area Vice President, or both.