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Attendance policy

Rules Regarding Absence & Tardiness from Practices: Competitive cheerleading is equivalent to a “travel” team or an “all-star” team. We expect 100% dedication to your team. That means attendance is MANDATORY.

Revolution Cheer practices should take precedence over all other activities. Please remember that this is a competition squad. Your acceptance of a position on the squad is your commitment to attend all practices. While we would like to have everyone present at all practices, we realize this is not a realistic expectation. If for some reason you are unable to attend, please notify us at least 4 hours in advance, via email or by phone. You MUST receive an email confirmation or a call (from coach or staff) confirming that we received your request to miss a practice. Do not feel that because you are paying to participate, you can choose to skip a practice. All members pay the same amount and we expect you to be at practice, on time, every time. Excessive absences will result in: (a) not being able to compete with the team or (b) being asked to leave the squad. Your coach will determine if your absence from practice is excused or unexcused; do not ask a teammate to pass on the information. Four (4) unexcused absences may result in dismissal from the squad.

Excused absences can include:

  • Illness to the cheerleader and/or immediate family members requiring the cheerleader’s travel and attention
  • Death in the cheerleader's immediate family

If you are ill but not contagious, or have a limb hurt in any way, we would prefer you to be at the practice to watch from the sidelines for any changes that may affect you in the routine.

We understand that there are circumstances where your absence is unavoidable, but please keep in mind that this is an activity that you have chosen to participate in, and your attendance, or lack of it, affects every member on your squad.

Practice and Competition

  • Cheerleaders must attend all practices
  • It is up to you to stay informed about your team’s schedule. Check e-mails and website often.
  • Practices are two times a week, possibly three during routine practice season.
  • No one is allowed to yell onto the floor or to speak to any team member or coach while practice is in session.
  • There will be no cell phone use during practice.
  • Cheerleading shoes must be worn to practice.
  • Appropriate underclothes should be worn at all times (sports bras, bloomers, etc.). Sports bras should be worn under practice shirt.
  • Parents or guardians are not allowed at practices.
  • Do not complain, make excuses, backtalk, or use any disrespectful gestures or profanity toward your coaches.
  • Be respectful to your teammates, coaches, parents, and spectators.
  • Squad and routine placements are left to the discretion of the coaches. Each team may have additions and losses to the team, which may require the coach to move a cheerleader to another squad. All decisions are made by the coach based on what is best for the team(s). There will be a cut off date set by director to protect the routine longevity.
  • Parents: We ask that you please do not withhold your cheerleader from practice or competition as a punishment for your child’s actions. They are a team and must practice and compete as a team.
  • Practices will be added and changed throughout the season depending on the competition schedule.
  • Please feel free to speak to your child’s coach about anything; just remember to do it at the appropriate time. Approaching a coach in the middle of a practice is not an appropriate time.
  • Anything that reflects negatively on the squad is cause for dismissal. This includes, but is not limited to, inappropriate behavior in Revolution gear or disrespectful comments made in a public forum.
  • The dismissal or addition of a team member is solely at the coaches' discretion.
  • Parents, relatives, friends, and cheerleaders are never allowed to speak with competition officials for any reason.
  • We have a ZERO TOLERANCE policy for parents regarding unsportsmanlike behavior. This includes, and is not limited to, using foul language in front of any of our athletes.
  • Each child is required to have a chaperone while at competition. Your coaches are not your child’s chaperones.
  • Full uniform (skirt, top, bloomers, hair accessories and shoes) will be worn to every competition unless your coach advises otherwise. Team warm-ups will also be worn if cold.
  • All cheerleaders must stay in uniform until after the award ceremonies are over.
  • All cheerleaders are required to stay or come back for the awards ceremony unless otherwise stated by the Director.
  • If you do not attend a competition (without prior approval from your coach), it will result in immediate dismissal from the squad; no fees will be refunded.
  • Please understand that during all out-of-town competitions, coaches may call for extra practices at any time.

The Director may revise any of these rules at any time.


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