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Are you an all-star gym? 

No. We are a non-affiliated competitive performance recreation team.

What exactly is a competitive recreation team?

We do not cheer for any sports teams and we are not an all-star gym. All-star programs are associated with a USASF sanctioned gym, generally have paid coaches and staff, and are required to follow a very specific set of rules to be considered all-star. Because we are not an all-star gym, we are able to keep our prices lower. Our staff and coaches are all volunteers.

Are there sibling discounts or payment plans? 

Yes! We offer both sibling discounts and payment plans.

Will my child participate in community service projects? What kind and why?

Yes! Our community does so much for us and we can't help but give back to them! In past seasons, we have collected books to give to a local elementary school and daycare, fed the homeless, and collected donations for Doors to Freedom. We want to ensure that we build up our cheerleaders as not only great athletes, but great people and leaders, as well!

What are the age requirements for your program?

We accepts boys and girls ages 3 and up.

Besides team practice are there any other obligations that my athlete needs to make?

Team practices occur two times per week, with a possible third day added as we move closer to a competition. All practices are mandatory. Stunt camp and choreography camps are also mandatory. These camps are where our athletes will learn their routines for the season.

What is my athlete expected to wear and bring to practice and competition?

All cheer athletes should wear assigned Revolution Cheer gear at each practice. They should also wear cheer shoes and hair MUST be in a ponytail with all hair away from the athlete’s face. No jewelry is to be worn at any time, including necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and other body jewelry. Cheerleaders are also required to bring water to practice.

At competitions, athletes are expected to be in full uniform with hair completely done and their bow in at all times. Athletes may wear a Revolution jersey, jacket, or hoodie over their uniform. While on stage, athletes may not wear anything other than their uniform, cheer gear, and cheer shoes. We will give each athlete a checklist before each competition.

Do you participate in fundraising?

We have multiple fundraising opportunities to assist with the costs associated with each season. Parents/Guardians are encouraged to participate in as many fundraising activities as you would like.

What is the competition schedule like?

Competitions are mandatory for all athletes. If practice is missed the week of competition, the athlete will not compete in the following competition. Competitions begin in December and run through the end of March. A finalized schedule will be provided by September but dates are subject to change. All athletes are required to remain at the competition for the entire duration to ensure they are supporting each other and are not permitted to leave early unless approved by Coach Genia.

How are team placements determined?
Evaluations are not stressful as EVERY ATHLETE IS PLACED ON A TEAM. Coaches will evaluate in a fun practice-like atmosphere. After the evaluation process is complete, the coaches will carefully assess each child’s skills based on their evaluation and place them on the team we all feel is best for both the child and the team. Competitive cheerleading is scored based on the execution of timing, tumbling, jumps, dance, motions, technique, tosses, stunting, choreography, and overall performance. Athletes will be placed on teams based upon their abilities as well as mental mindset and age. The selection of teams is a complicated process and many key elements are considered in our decisions. We must choose a well-rounded variety of individuals for each team to ensure success but also ensure the proper progression for each athlete. Final team placements will be announced prior to camp. (NOTE: It is possible that an athlete can move up or down a level at the coaches’ discretion anytime during the season based on gaining or losing a skill.)

Will my athlete be asked to travel?

For Level 1, all competitions are within a 2-hour driving distance. These competitions will be located in Savannah, Columbia, or Myrtle Beach. Our Level 2 team will have one competition in Atlanta and one in North Carolina, while others will be within a 2-hour driving distance. All regular season competitions are mandatory. Nationals will be held in Florida in May.

Can parents watch practice?

At the facility where we practice, we utilize every inch of space we have for our teams to practice. Therefore, parents are unable to stay and watch their athletes practice. It is also against our insurance policy to allow non-insured individuals in our practice areas.

What is the attendance policy? What if we have a vacation coming up?

Each athlete is allowed three (3) missed practices, after which their spot in the routine maybe changed or removed. Certain exceptions may apply and will be determined on a case-by-case basis. Once we give out the competition schedule, we ask that vacations are planned around each competition. We have a vacation request form that we ask be turned in at least two weeks prior.

Why should my family choose Revolution Cheer?

Our program is an affordable and fun cheerleading program! We love kids, enjoy coaching, encourage our athletes in more aspects than just performance, and believe in having fun while working hard. We look forward to having your athlete join us at Revolution Cheer!


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