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2024 BRW Spring Rec League

Fun, Team-Friendly Competition

The BRW REC league is for girls 6 to 14 years of age. All skill levels are welcome, from never playing the game to more advanced players. Practices start in April and the final 8U, 10U and 12U will be held the last weekend in June. The 14U may extend into early July. Home games and practices are at Borse Memorial Community Park in Willowbrook, IL.

BRW Rec League Descriptions by League

8 & Under: This division uses the 11” flex softball which is a softer ball to minimize injury. Players will be taught basic fundamentals to play the game of softball and the rules of the game. Player pitching is introduced in this division and is used in conjunction with a mechanical pitching machine. The first two innings feature a player pitcher with machine relief (no walks). The remaining innings feature only the pitching machine. Starting players pitching at this level prepares them for 10U where the players pitch the entire game. The pitching machine develops the hitting ability of the players.

10 & Under: This division uses the 11” softball which is a regulation (hard) ball. Players will be taught basic fundamentals to play the game of softball and the rules and strategy of the game. This is a 100% player pitched league with walks. Emphasis in this league is on improvement, specifically in pitching as improved pitching leads to improved hitting. Pitching distance is 35 feet. Stealing is allowed after the ball crosses home plate, one base at a time but not home, to teach baserunning and catchers how to throw out base runners.

12 & Under: This division uses the 12” softball which is a hard ball. Players will be taught basic fundamentals as well as advanced skills and strategy. Pitching distance in this league moves to 40 feet. This level of play is the game of Fast Pitch with few limiting rules. Game action begins to speed up as we begin to focus on integrating lessons from prior age levels, individual skill-goal setting and preparing to play on high school teams.

14 & Under: In the past, BRW has been an active participant in the Southwest Suburban FastPitch In-House League , however we are currently seeking a new partnership with neighboring organizations. Game locations will continue to be in the southwest suburbs of Chicago roughly bounded by I-55, I-355 and I-80. Travel to these area teams for away games is expected. There will be home games and away games plus an end of season tournament. The season may begin in April / early May with the tournament to be held throughout July. While this is not a “travel club” level of play, increased competition and skill levels will be needed / developed.

Age eligibility for all divisions is based on the child's age on December 31st, 2023. Contrary to popular belief, your grade in school has no bearing on your age-eligibility!

  • If you've not yet reached your 9th birthday by 12/31/2023 you are still eligible for 8U in 2023.
  • If you've not yet reached your 11th birthday by 12/31/2023, you are still eligible for 10U in 2023.
  • If you've not yet reached your 13th birthday by 12/31/2023, you are still eligible for 12U in 2023.

If you've not yet reached your 15th birthday by 12/31/2023, you are still eligible for 14U in 2023.

A player may play UP one level but may never play DOWN! Decisions to play UP should only be made based on Softball skills, not for social reasons. While this can be hard to accept, the player's Softball experience (and the experience of others in the league) will be much improved if we all make the best possible Softball decisions within the structure of the overall age eligibility requirements.

Player Provided Equipment Requirements:

  • Fielding Mitt (All Levels)
  • Softball Pants, shorts are strongly discouraged (Team Manager selects color that must be worn for the season)
  • Batting Helmet with mask is required.
  • Softball Bat
  • Fielding Mask (Strongly Suggested - All Levels)
  • Batting Gloves - (recommended)
  • Cleats (recommended)

League Provided Equipment

  • Jerseys
  • Practice / Game Balls
  • Catchers Gear

In 8U, a pitching machine will be available to each coach. We use the Louisville Slugger Blue Flame mechanical machine. It is widely available on Amazon and other retailers for those wishing to purchase their own for additional practice. See your coach for league-approved settings.


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