Tournament Guidelines

 • Games times vary by division and weekend vs. weeknights, please refer to schedule for current game times. Keep in mind that we may adjust game times, dates and locations as necessary for various reasons including weather…
Plan on any day after the start of the tournament being a possible game day.

• A 15 minute delay to the starting delay to the starting time is permitted due to the tardiness of either team. If the delay is longer, Game Director shall confer with District and decide if the game is to be played.

• Postponed or suspended games are to be played the following day for double/single elimination. Pool play games may be rescheduled further out by the District. District will handle re-scheduling

• Each team shall supply 2 official LL baseballs or softballs (RST for Major and above) prior to the start of the game. If more game balls are required as the games progress, each team shall continue to provide.

• ALL GAMES -the Game Director or Umpire-In-Chief shall toss a coin to determine the home team.

• The Host league is responsible for the assignment of the official scorer, pitch counter. At the conclusion of the game, the Game Director shall sign the affidavit of both teams as to the score and pitching record.

• BASEBALL- Each team to pay 1 umpire.  Check or Cash to be given to the Tournament Game Director with the affidavits prior to the game.  60’ 10s, 11s, LL-12s ($65),  Intermediate, Junior, Senior ($70).  District will assign ALL Baseball umpires.

• SOFTBALL -Host League responsible for scheduling and paying both Umpires  ASA umpires may be used for Softball, but they must adhere to Little League rules. 

Email ALL scores promptly to [email protected] 

• Managers, Coaches, Tournament Directors must review the Tournament Section of the Rule Book and LL posted updates, carefully noting changes from the Regular Season rules.

• Managers and Coaches must dress appropriately; soft collared shirt and long pants or shorts (khakis) required. No t-shirts, No jeans, etc. Team uniforms must have proper LL patch. 

• Managers and Coaches must conduct themselves in a respectful fashion. They also are expected to implore that same conduct from their players, parents and spectators.

• Only people listed on affidavits are allowed on field/in dugouts. This includes pre-game warm-ups batting cages, etc. Team scorebook to be kept inside the fence/dugout with the approved Coaches.

• Documentation packet (including residency documents, waivers, etc.) must accompany teams to all games. This packet should NOT be turned in to anyone unless instructed by District Administrator, Regional Office (Bristol) or Tournament Committee (Williamsport).

• A game cannot begin or continue with less than 9 players

• Everyone should do whatever they can to prevent any issues (verify pitch counts each inning, reminder on mandatory play, correct batter is up, etc.) NO on-deck batters. ALL catchers must have dangling throat protector on their mask.

Game Director has District & Regional phone numbers and should be the only one to call if needed.

These charts are intended as a reference summary of the various tournament rules. It does not cover every possible circumstance, and is not a substitute for reading and fully understanding the regular season and tournament rules sections of the Official Playing Rules...
Baseball Tournament rules summary
Softball Tournament rules summary

Tournament rules presentation - Mass. LL Umpires Association

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