Tournament Information

Little League Tournament meeting — Sunday June 16th   6:00pm

Please make sure Team Managers attend as well as Game directors. The first part of the meeting will be to review Tournament affidavits.

Starting with the 2023 season, completion of the Little League Diamond Leader Program will be required for any coach and/or manager to be eligible to participate at any level of the Little League International Tournament. Upon completion of the program, volunteers will need to print their completion certificate and retail with Team documentation.

We will review tournament paperwork and schedules. Remember that a complete and accurate affidavit along with all appropriate documents (original birth certificate, school or residency docs, medical release, etc.) will be required before it will be approved.

Please refer to the following link for detailed Tournament information including rules, guidelines, eligibility, etc… Included in the links on the Tournament resources page are Tournament play rules, FAQ for many of the common questions, Mandatory play info, Affidavit, Medical release forms, affidavit presentation, etc. 

NOTE: For returning players, you can use the approved Player Verification form AND  (School enrollment form OR Residency proofs) from a previous year. No need for birth certificate or new residency proofs IF you retained these docs for players from a prior years tournament.

NOTE For new players or players without a prior years paperwork, utilizing the School Enrollment form is straight forward.  We recommend this option for players that attend school within your league boundaries.

Here are requirements and recommendation when preparing documents: 

  • Fill out the Affidavit electronically via the LL Data Center,  save and print out (using the online system will fill in Affidavit, Player Verification forms automatically and create League maps with players).  Tournament Affidavit FAQ   and   Tournament Affidavit tutorial
  • Complete Medical Release form for each player (signed by Parent)
  • Complete Player Verification form for each player (signed by Parent and President). One for each player should be printed after completing Online Affidavit 
  •  Provide either School Enrollment form  OR  3 Residency documents (see checklist)
  •  Reminder, original birth certificate needs to be checked. After approved, you can return it to the players family.
            *not needed if you have prior years Player verification and supporting documents
  •  Manager, President & Player Agent must sign Team Affidavit.
  •  Map showing where each player resides or where the school that the player attends (print after completing Online Affidavit)
  •  Each Affidavit must have minimum of 12 players. 
  •  Juniors and below have maximum of 14, Seniors allowed 16 players. 
  • see Player Verification checklist   (This does not get submitted but is very helpful when collecting player documents)

    Mandatory play...CONTINUOUS BATTING ORDER: 10s, 11s, Majors, Intermediate (50-70) Division and Junior League:
    All Tournament Teams(except Seniors) must adopt a policy of a continuous batting order that will include all players on the team affidavit present at the start of the game, to appear in the batting order. Each player is required to bat in his/her respective spot in the batting order.  
    (No Mandatory play in the Senior divisions)

    Number of Coaches:  Each team is allowed (1 Manager & 2 Coaches)
  • ALL Managers and Coaches MUST Complete the Diamond Leaders Program. Completion certificate must be included in team paperwork.

    Teams may practice against or scrimmage other Little League teams within the same or contiguous districts, within the same division of play (i.e. 8-10, 9-11, 10-12, etc.), so long as teams are not in uniform.

    Check here for bats that have been 
    DECERTIFIED by USA Baseball  

    Little League International has issued a letter to all youth batting helmet manufacturers for clarification on whether or not adding to their helmets voids their NOCSAE certification. They will post all manufacturer responses at, where you can also find more information about helmet attachments and NOCSAE.

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