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Coach Resources

Coaching Manuals
5U 5UPractice Activities                               5U Practice Structure
  6U Practice Activities                                6U Practice Structure
8U 8UPractice Activities                                8U Practice Structure
10U 10UPractice Activities                              10U Practice Structure
12U 12UPractice Activities                              12U Practice Structure
Rec Coach Game Day Handbook
SSA 5U to 8U Rec Coach Game Day Handbook
10U - 19U Rec Coach Game Day Admin Handbook  CLICK HERE
 10U - 19U Rec Game Rules CLICK HERE

Sample Coaching Session 1 for 5U/6U/8U - Click HERE
Sample Coaching Session 2 for 10U+ - Click HERE

Rec Coach Shirt Order Link (for new coaches or current coaches needing a new SSA Coach shirt) - Click HERE

Additional Resources


SSA Respect Program Guidelines for parents, referees, and coaches on how to best provide for a positive environment for players
Injury Prevention and Care How to help prevent injuries, provide basic first-aid care, and help players recover from them if they do occur
KidSafe Information Program used to provide a safe environment for players to play soccer. Includes important information regarding a volunteer coach's legal obligations in reporting evidence of abuse or neglect.
Kid Safe Form Must be completed by all volunteers and turned into the club
KINS Philosophy Describes the ideal environment for players to play soccer and develop
Medical Release Form When completed by the parent/guardian of each player, this contains essential medical information and who to contact in the event of a player injury. This form also protects you as the coach from any financial obligations should you need to call for medical assistance for a player if the parents aren't present.
Concussion Information How to identify the signs of concussion, and how to manage a player's return to play
Player Safety Video from US Soccer Information on Concussion awareness and other safety issues 

Coach Education Classes and Licenses

Georgia Soccer conducts the State Coaching School Program to educate and certify soccer coaches in accordance with the national coaching scheme. Regardless of previous coaching or playing experience, the Georgia Soccer Coaching School Program is designed to help each coach develop a sound theoretical and practical knowledge of coaching soccer. 

Who Can Attend

Courses are FREE for all registered members of SSA (coaches and parents). 
They are strongly recommended for anyone who will be involved in coaching in the upcoming season. 

When Are Course Offered

Most courses are held in pre-spring (January & February) and pre-fall (July & August) period of each year. Course schedules are typically posted in mid December and Mid June respectively. 

How To Enroll

G course is offered the traditional way (4 hrs in person), or NEW online format. For more information click here
The F course is only available the traditional way at this time. 

To register for the currently available classes, please CLICK HERE. 

The link will take you to the GA Soccer website. Click "List All" to display a list of all the coaching courses that are currently offered.

Participants can register for courses at whichever location and date that is most convenient for them. Highlight and click on the course you are interested in and it will take you to the registration page of that event.

Course Descriptions

State ‘G’ Certificate Coaching Course -  Aimed at coaches and parents of 6U and 8U players. The course is 4 hours long and provides fun activities that enhance players’ skill development. Attendance is required to receive the ‘G’ certificate. 

State ‘F’ Certificate Coaching Course 
- Aimed at coaches and parents who are working with 10U and 12U Recreational players. The emphasis is on teaching young players through a variety of fun games and practices. The course consists of 7 hours of instruction and practice. Attendance is required to receive the ‘F’ certificate.

State ‘E’ Certificate Coaching Course - 
Aimed at coaches of recreational players 14U and older. The course consists of 7 hours of instruction and practice. Attendance is required to receive the ‘Rec E’ certificate. There is no pre-requisite for this course as long as attendees are coaching 14U or older. The ‘Rec E’ certificate cannot be used as a pre-requisite for the ‘D’ course.



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