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Team Manager Important Information

Welcome to NASA Tophat.  Thank you for volunteering your time to become a Team Manager and assist the coaching staff in managing their team or academy program.

The Team Managers play a critical role in assisting the coaching staff with the organization, administration and communication with each group. Team Managers are vital to the success of the team off the field through their many roles.  Any questions that the Team Manager has on any level regarding the team is to be addressed with the team coach first.  If for some reason they are not getting any direction from the coach, the Team Manager is to direct all questions to the program's Director of Coaching.  

This information below and the links will be a great asset to the Team Managers as they begin their journey into youth soccer.

Be willing to delegate so that you are not overwhelmed with all that this job entails for a successful season.  We recommend that each team have the following roles to assist the Team Manager:  Team Treasurer to handle the team funds and Team Travel Coordinator to handle the team's needs if/when they travel.

Index of Topics:

  • Tryouts
  • Team meeting and Signing Day
  • Vital Links
  • Fees
  • Communication
Tryouts  (late May, early June)

There will be a brief Team Managers meeting in May prior to tryouts for anyone that has questions before the week of tryouts.  Meeting will be determined in early spring and posted on the club calendar.

During tryouts, the Team Managers will be involved in helping at the sign in tent to check in players and assign  numbers.  Team Managers will need to add walk-ups to the pre-registered list that will be provided for them at the time of tryouts.  All materials needed for tryouts will be provided and waiting at the designated tryout location for your age group by the club administrator.  All Team Managers in each age group are expected to assist in this process with the lead being the Team Manager of the Elite team.

It is important that you meet and have a face to face with your coach prior to try-outs to get any additional information your coach might need you to have, as well as give you the opportunity to ask any questions.

Each coach will provide a tryout letter that will outline his or her goals, expectations and tournament schedule for the coming year.

Signing Day/Team Meeting

Once the coach has selected the team, the Team Manager is the contact information so that the coach can communicate with the team regarding their initial team meeting.  This list will also go to the club registrar to be placed on the team inside the Blue Sombrero registration system.  This system is very helpful in organizing your team and communicating with the team regarding club payments and other details.  The Blue Sombrero system also provides each team with a team website that can assist in keeping everyone up to speed.

Team declarations will be handled by the coach through the DOC to make sure that each team is placed in the proper division for the league play.  The coach will request a level of play, however the Georgia State Soccer Association handles the ultimate decision on where teams are placed.

Practice Times and Location
The coach, in coordination with the DOC, will determine training times and location.  We will make this official by the time of team camp, as we have to wait and see what field space we are allocated by the county.  This is also determined by the coach’s schedule and other responsibilities within the club.

Uniform ordering can be done on-line and delivered directly to the player’s home.  The coach will decide uniform numbers.  New uniforms are ordered every two years.

Most forms are on-line in the Blue Sombrero system with the exception of the Medical release and birth certificate needed from each player.  Pictures can be uploaded into the system, which makes it very easy to handle the player passes.

Vital Links
NASA Tophat uses Blue Sombrero for our Registration Process.  To begin you need to "Create An Account".  This is found at the top right of our website.  Once you have created an account, you are able to register for available programs.  Select/Academy registration starts with registration for tryouts in May.  All players attending tryouts must be registered for tryouts and all players that walk up without being on the list should be encouraged to go home and register.
The NASA Tophat Registrar will place the players on teams after tryouts and each family receives a notice to go in and accept their spot on the team.  Families must ACCEPT NOW and complete registration for the team by making their payment on the final page of on-line registration.  Payment is in full or in four installments.  All payments can be made in the family account under MY ORDERS for the installment plan in August/October and December for some age groups.
State Registration System  – User Name and Password assigned by Registrar
Notification of Travel
How to Club Pass Players
How to De-activate Players on Rosters of More Than 18
How to Enter Jersey Numbers on Game Day Roster
How to Locate Your Age Group Coordinator
How to Print Your Game Day Line-up
Instructions for Posting Scores
Coaches Incident Report

How Blue Sombrero Team Pages Work

Financial Aid
All forms for filing for financial aid can be found on the under "Important Documents" on the front page of the website.  We encourage everyone to apply for financial aid as soon as they accept a spot on a team.  It is important to know that anyone who receives financial aid will be required to do 40 hours of volunteer work throughout the season.  Anyone not fulfilling these hours will be subject to NO financial aid the following year if it is needed!

Club fees
Each player is required to pay their club fees up front or make arrangement for a payment plan through the club registrar prior to being issued a player pass.  This fee covers registering with the club, coaching fees and team camp.

Team Fees
Each player is required to fulfill team fees that are needed for team supplies, tournament fees and travel.  This also includes their share of coach’s expenses for travel, hotel, and per diem.  There are also other team fees that might be in play. The ultimate decision maker on what qualifies as a team fee is the coach.  Please refer to our travel guide policies for more information on travel.

The Blue Sombrero system is vital to communicating with your team.  However there are other forms of communication that your team will need to handle last minute changes.  Group texting and twitter are two sources that are very effective.  Your coach will determine which is the best path for their given team.

NASA Procedures for Rescheduling Games

Please refer to these instructions for rescheduling of games.

Game Day

Prior to game day, go on the GSSA website to download the game card for each weekend.  This should be done a few days prior to each game, as many things can change from week to week.  You will need to have all the player passes and coaches' passes with you for each game, along with the game card.  After the game, you will need to input the results, and other game information into the GSSA website within 24 hours of the game ending.  If there is any controversy (i.e. cards, forfeits), get your coach to address this with the DOC prior to inputting the information. Be sure to have a notebook with medical releases handy just in case there is an issue, as well as a full contact list for each player's parents/guardian.

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