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OUR VISION is a training approach and culture that honors the definition of athlete.    To do so we assemble as a team of professionals with a collective single focus:  operate with the best interest of the athlete in mind, sustain projectibility, and unleash the athlete experience.

provides athlete specific training that promotes the individual to be prepared, confident, and more explosive as an athlete.  Absolute effort and attention to detail define the expectations between the athlete and our Performance Specialists.  Our athletes believe physical development to be the groundwork for executing sport skills and their readiness to compete.
OUR STORY started in 1997 while training and consulting with athletes, coaches, and teams.  Over the years we have encountered high level athletes, trained successful teams and each has had ONE common thread: performance training was central to their preparation and development within their sport.  They prioritized their physical presence as the foundation of their sport skill and critical to their game day readiness.  They were individually accountable and fully committed to training with intent.  Each defined themselves as an athlete:  an individual trained to compete.
JOIN US in a world where training translates to sport and engages the individual: commit to getting better, expect more of yourself, and see what you are able to achieve!