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Dumont Soccer Club

Expectations of a Dumont Soccer Club Coach

Being a Dumont Soccer Club coach is an honored position within the soccer community. Expectations for our coaches are extremely high. Dumont Soccer Club coaches are expected to adhere to the following policies:

Coach’s Duties and Responsibilities

The coach is hired by the DSC and approved by the Board of Directors. The coach has the sole responsibility for coaching the team, which includes:

·      Selecting players for team during realignment, tryouts, and/or other times as needed throughout the season.

·      Moving players up or down within the club for training and games as needed throughout the season.

·      Develop and execute practice plan for each training session,

which include both physical and mental player preparation.

·      Arrive 15 minutes prior to the start of practice and 45 minutes prior to games dressed and ready to coach.

·      Determining playing positions.

·      Determining playing time.

·      Along with the Director of Coaching, determining times for training sessions.

·      Establishing and implementing training techniques and times in accordance with the format developed by the DOC

·      Selecting tournaments in which the team will play with the

recommendation of the DOC.

·      Contact the DOC in ample time if for any reason the coach is unable to attend a game/practice to ensure a staff coach is available.  

·      Ensure that uniform policy is enforced for practice and games. For all games DSC shirts are to be tucked in, proper foot wear to be worn and hats are NOT to be worn backwards.

·      Be available to parents to discuss players.

·      Keep good communication with the manager and booster


·      Wear proper Dumont Soccer Club training gear to all training sessions and games.

·      Ensure that all team players are accounted for at the end of

training, practice and game events. Ensure that all DSC practice equipment is locked and secured.

The responsibilities of a Coach at DSC are as follows:

·      Respect DSC with the highest regard on and off the field.

·      Promote the game of soccer.

·      Promote good sportsmanship.

·      Be a great model to your players.

·      Create an environment in which players can reach their full

potential and achieve the self-confidence and positive self-esteem necessary to be successful on and off the soccer field.

·      Developing individual skills and team tactics to enable players and or teams to compete at the State, Regional, and National Levels.

·      Help your players to reach their goals on and off the field.

·      Plan and supervise practice sessions that are instructive as well as fun.

·      Motivate and teach with positive reinforcement.

·      Notify the DOC immediately of incidents which may compromise the integrity of the Team or Club.

·      Ensure that players wear their uniform with pride, and in a proper and complete fashion.

·      Display a positive attitude towards all players, parents and officials.

·      Treat players and parents with respect and conduct myself in a professional manner.

·      Refrain from making negative comments to your players, coaches or parents.

·      Develop positive LIFE qualities (i.e. discipline, team work etc.) in players.

·      When traveling with teams: remain aware of your player’s whereabouts and behavior. Set schedules and inform players of all activities. Prepare a team itinerary.

·      Not discriminate against anyone.

·      Refrain from using profane or vulgar language in the presence of players and parents.

·      Provide honest and truthful evaluations of the player’s skill.

·      Help assist other coaches at practices, games, tournaments,

State, Regional and National Cups.

In addition, the coach will:


·      Lead by example and represent the Dumont Soccer Club in a positive manner at all times.

·      Be ultimately responsible for the team regarding the enforcement of all club and team policies, procedures, rules, regulations, including the philosophy of the DSC.

·      Attend all scheduled club coaches meeting, including special

meetings called by the DOC and Board of Directors.

Field Status

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RiverDell (03:20 PM | 09/13/23)

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Field 1 (03:20 PM | 09/13/23)

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Twinboro (10:55 AM | 10/16/23)

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Field 1 (10:55 AM | 10/16/23)

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Field 2 (10:55 AM | 10/16/23)

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Ginas Field (11:04 AM | 10/28/23)

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Memorial Park (10:26 PM | 12/03/22)

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Honiss School (10:26 PM | 12/03/22)

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Selzer School (10:26 PM | 12/03/22)

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