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Dec, 2018

2019 Registration

Once registration is complete,
please visit one of our sign ups at the
Flat Rock Community Center ( 1 Maguire St, Flat Rock, MI 48134)
for fundraising pick up**, residency and birth certificate check.

Programs for the 2019 Season
Boys and Girls Boys Baseball Girls Softball
Division Age Division Age Division Age
Tee Ball 4 Farm 7-8 Farm 7-8
Coach Pitch 5-6 Minors 9-10 Minors 9-10
Majors 11-12 Majors 11-12
(Varies) 13-18* (Varies) 13-18*
* Ages 13 and up will be dependent on enrollment numbers.  May merge with other ages
or cities.  These ages will begin play once school baseball and softball season has ended.
(Approximately June 1.  All fees are refundable if teams not formed)

Sign-Up Dates and Information
Saturday, January 26, 2019 9am-2pm Monday, February 11, 2019 6pm-9pm
Division Fee Division Fee
Tee Ball $45.00 Tee Ball $60.00
Coach Pitch $55.00 Coach Pitch $70.00
Farm $75.00 Farm $90.00
Minors $75.00 Minors $90.00
Majors $75.00 Majors $90.00
13-18 year olds $95.00* 13-18 year olds $110.00*
* Ages 13 and up will not be required to participate in any fundraising.
Volunteer Fee: Each family will be required to post date (July 31, 2019) a $100 volunteer check. 
This $100 check will be returned to you once the 4 hour volunteer requirement is met.
Pay online with credit or debit card.  Card, cash and checks will be accepted at walk-in registrations.
Please bring birth certificate and 3 proofs of residence (dated between 2/1/2018 and 2/1/2019).
Attending school within our boundaries can replace requirement. (form needed to be signed by school)

Each family is required to sell 50 raffle tickets ($2 per ticket). License #R45656, Organization ID 124438
**Tickets must be picked up at one of our walk-in registrations.
Prize amounts for raffles will be $1,000, $2,000 and $3,000.
Completed tickets must be turned in no later than March 3, 2019.  Extra tickets are available.
The raffle drawing will be held on Opening Day, April 27, 2019 (if rainout April 28).  Need be present to win.
For more information on league ages and boundaries please visit
For questions please contact Aron Bonk at [email protected] or  Mark Coplen at [email protected]

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