We Need Volunteer Umpires!!!
This season we have arranged to have a district wide umpires clinic for our volunteers. No experience is needed, please consider attending the District 6 Umpires Clinic and joining us on the field for a couple of games this season. Volunteers need to be a minimum age of 14 and have a willingness to learn and communicate/educate coaches and players on the rules of the game.

Parents - Players - Coaches - IMPORTANT MESSAGE BELOW
This season we want to do our best to advocate for our umpires so they can do the best job possible for our kids week after week. Please make the decision each day to accept and support our umpires despite the possibility a call may not go your way. Our umpires are volunteers and hope to provide a positive experience each and every time they step on the field. Please remember as a parent, player or coach you are expected to support the officials every time you attend a little league event. Thanks for your support in making this a great season!!!

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