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Volunteering with Battle Ground Little League

Battle Ground Little League is an all-volunteer organization. We cannot do it without parents like you volunteering their time to assist with organizing and operating games and events. As part of demonstrating that ongoing successful team and family atmosphere, we ask our parents to get involved with the League each year to make this the best experience for the kids.

Volunteer Sign Up Links

•Events: https://m.signupgenius.com/#!/showSignUp/10C0B4FAFAF2CA7F4C25-47322527-special

•Umpires: https://m.signupgenius.com/#!/showSignUp/10C0B4CA8A62EA6FCC43-48044728-umpire

•Concessions: https://m.signupgenius.com/#!/showSignUp/10C0B4CA8A62EA6FCC43-48044732-concessions

•Parking: https://m.signupgenius.com/#!/showSignUp/10C0B4CA8A62EA6FCC43-46933992-parking

Volunteer Requirements

Battle Ground Little League asks each family to commit to 4 hours of volunteering each season. Board Members, coaches, and managers are not required to complete extra hours, as the hours they contribute far exceed the requirement and the commitment fulfills their hours per family. Families will not be asked to contribute more time if they have additional players in the league. At the time of registration, there will be a 4 hour commitment to the during the season or a $100 volunteer fee to opt out of the volunteer duties.  Our goal is to supply the appropriate committees and team managers with enough volunteers to help make their team and our league a big success. Please be sure to sign up by 3/11 to assist with league duties for the spring season. 

A communication will be sent throughout the season up until closing ceremonies (date varies each year, but will be well communicated), to those who have not fulfilled all their hours.  They will be offered open volunteer opportunities to fulfill their commitment or be charged the volunteer fee. 

Volunteer Time Commitments

Below is an overview of volunteer opportunities and estimated time requirements for each position.  For more detailed descriptions, please see further below.


(scale of 1-5, 5 being the most)


Team Manager - Head Coach (1 per team)



Team Coach(2 per team)



Team Parent (1 per team)



Field Maintenance



Team Scorekeeper and Pitch counter (1 per team - Minor, Major & Junior Divisions only)





- Umpire


Special Events Volunteer (Opening Day, Picture Day, Clinics, Tournaments, Playoffs, End of Season Picnic, etc.)



OPT OUT - I am unable to volunteer my time this season and will pay $100 to the league


Volunteer Opportunities and Descriptions

There are various volunteering opportunities. Please note some positions fulfill more than the required 4 hours.

Each position has an indicated maximum number of volunteers per team for that role.  If a specific team position is split, only one designated person will receive their volunteer credit for that opportunity.

Note: not every volunteer position is needed at all levels of play.  If your preferred volunteer opportunity has already been filled, your volunteer hours must be filled via an alternative opportunity.

TEAM MANAGER – 1 per team
This position is the team lead in charge of team players, assistant coaches, and all communications between the League and parents regarding schedules, changes, rainouts and BGLL events.  Managers instruct players in proper baseball skills, produce player lineups and provide overall player support and encouragement.  Managers also help secure team parent, team scorekeeper and field maintenance persons (when applicable).

Managers are subject to board approval and are not guaranteed a coaching position from year to year.  This position also requires attendance at Manager meetings and possible instructional sessions/coaching clinics.

TEAM COACH – maximum 2 per team
This position assists the Manager with anything involving team practices, player organization, skill building, game operations, equipment handling, team jersey distribution and general player and team support.  This position also needs to assist the field maintenance person(s) with field setup and break down before and after games.

Coaches are also subject to board approval and are not guaranteed a coaching position from year to year. 

TEAM PARENT – maximum 1 per team
This position assists the Manager and coaches with parent and team communications and general team support. 

Team parent role also includes:
-Obtaining and distributing the team roster to parents
-Sending out team communications to parents (re: special events, game or practice changes, parties, etc.)
-Organizing a snack schedule (if agreed by team)
-Planning the team’s end of season party
-Organizing player trophies or appropriate coaches’ gifts
-Creating the team banner
-Organizing and tracking volunteers among the team to help with the above tasks
-Order End of Season Trophies (Optional)
-Helping in the dugout for Pee Wee and lower

This position will be responsible for maintaining the fields before and after games.  It is beneficial to solicit additional help from team parents as well. 

Duties may include:
-Attend mandatory pre-season Field Maintenance training
-Relay and act as trainer to parents that sign up to help out
-Assist at Field Improvement Days
-Manage and perform pre-game and post-game field maintenance duties (home team)

SCOREKEEPER – maximum 1 per team (Minors, Majors and Juniors only)

This position is required to attend and keep score at each game according to the team schedule.  It is also helpful to solicit additional help from team parents for backup.  However, only the designated team scorekeepers for that team will receive credit for this commitment.
-The Home team must provide the Scorekeeper to keep Official Score Book for that game
-Arrive to field 15 minutes before game time begins
-Keep score – track the pitch count, hits, walks and errors
-Have the plate umpire sign the Official Score Book
-Return Official Score Book to the team manager after the game

SCOREBOARD OPERATOR – maximum 1 per team (Minors, Majors and Juniors only)
This position is required to attend and manage the scoreboard at each home game according to the team schedule.  It is also helpful to solicit additional help from team parents for backup.  However, only the designated team scoreboard operator for that team will receive credit for this commitment.
-The Home team must provide the Scoreboard operator at each game
-Arrive to field 15 minutes before game time begins

SNACK SHACK VOLUNTEERS: 4 hour shifts (One Per Team)
The Snack Shack is located at Battle Ground Little League between the Majors Field and Slusher Field.  It is open on days where we have multiple games being played. This position works as a team with 3 other volunteers per each shift. Each baseball & Softball team will be assigned one 4 hour shift to fill throughout the season. This 4 hour shift is in addition to each families individual volunteer hours (4 hours) pledged at registration. 
-There should always be at least 2 adult volunteers at the Snack Shack
-Children under the age of 12 are not permitted in the Shack and must be supervised by an adult
-Teams will be assigned one 4 hour shift to complete throughout the season.
-Duties to include: Selling food and drinks at the counter, and cleanup

There are a number of special events throughout our Little League season.  This position will act in any number of ways to ensure those events run smoothly.  Working with the Volunteer Coordinator, you will be scheduled to work at a particular event, and will be directed on requirements and time needed for that event.  Some of the necessary areas required would be set up, check-in table, clean up.

BGLL Special Events include:
Opening Day
Picture Day
Closing Ceremonies
Others: Clinics, Tournaments, Playoffs, etc.

Volunteer Registration

Thank you for joining our parent volunteer’s organization.  We would not be successful without your commitment to the League!  Register today for your volunteer preference so we can get you set up to support our league and create the best environment possible for our youth athletes. Once registration is complete you will be notified of your confirmed commitment and informed of any further scheduling that needs to take place by our volunteer coordinator. Thank you for your assistance in making Battle Ground Little League a great place to be for our children!

NOTE: See  below for information regarding MANDATORY ABUSE AWARENESS TRAINING for all volunteers. It is recommended to take the FREE online training course to earn your Certification of Completion BEFORE registering as a volunteer. This way you will have your PDF file (Certificate) downloaded and available to upload as part of the Volunteer Application process.

Kids can’t play without Coaches. Fields can’t be used without Field Maintenance. Dugouts can’t stay organized without a Team Parent. We have numerous volunteer opportunities and are always looking for devoted individuals to help coordinate events and activities. Whatever talents or skills you have, we can use them!

Note: Manager, Coach and Team Parent Positions require a background check.  An application must be filled out in the Volunteer section and e-signature applied, you will be contact for more information.

Volunteer FAQs

Q:   I signed up to volunteer, but my top three choices have already been filled. Does my family still need to fulfill the four hour requirement?
A:  Volunteer slots are assigned on a first come, first served basis.   The earlier you register as a volunteer the greater the chance that you will be assigned an opportunity of your choice.  However, there are many ways you can make a difference in providing a fun and enriching experience for our children. Therefore, if your top choices are not available, please select from the remaining BGLL volunteer opportunities to fulfill your seasonal volunteer requirements.

Q:  What if I have volunteered to work an event and it rains?
A:  When it rains the fields may be closed. If the fields are closed, please be sure to pay attention to any rescheduled dates and communicate your availability as early as possible. 

Volunteers Should Know...


Little League® International has long been committed to the safety of its players, families, and volunteers, both on and off the field. To that end, all Leagues and Districts in the United States are required to conduct an annual background check, including a nationwide criminal search, a search of the National Sex Offender Registry, review of the U.S. Center for SafeSport Centralized Disciplinary Database and Little League International Ineligible List for each volunteer with regular service to the league and/or has repetitive access to or contact with players and teams.

Little League® International preferred provider, J.D. Palatine (JDP), has access to more than 600 million records, including criminal and sex offender registry records covering 50 states and the District of Columbia, as well as the review of the U.S. Center for SafeSport Centralized Disciplinary Database and Little League International Ineligible List, meeting the current Little League Regulation 1(c) 8 & 9 requirement. 

This is an online only procedure with a secure site that eliminates the need for completing, turning in and storing paper forms and private information. Volunteer candidates simply provide their full name and email address along with uploading a government issued photo ID into their Sports Connect account. This will allow a board representative to upload this information into the JDP system. The candidate will then receive an email link with instructions to complete the background check. Once complete, the board officer receives approval (or denial) notification, and the volunteer is ready to go. The reports available to the board officer only show volunteer name, date ordered, and date completed. All social security or other private information is unavailable to the local board.

If you would like additional information regarding this requirement, please click HERE to visit Little League® International.

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