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Apr, 2023



Opening Day Ceremony & Activities:
●  9:30am - 9:45am - Players Begin Assembling at 9th & Madison Ave parking lot for parade. (details below)
●  10:00am - Parade Begins – 9th & Madison parking lot to SMLL Park (details below
●  11:00am - Opening Ceremonies at SMLL Park
●  12:00pm - Opening Day Games Begin (see full schedule below)
●  3:00pm - $250 Raffle drawing

Opening Day Parade:
The Opening Day Parade is an exciting community event we love to put on each year. The parade is a way for us to thank the community for their endless support of our league, and to kick off the new season to the community.  Please read the referenced Opening Day packet for how to help make the parade a great experience for players and spectators.

Player Conduct during Games
●  Expect players to be under the supervision of managers and coaches during games.

●  Non-team personnel (parents, siblings, etc.) are not permitted in the dugout (or on the team bench at the Lakeview
and Blakewood fields) without the express permission of a coach or manager.

●  Players are expected to stay in the dugout (or on the team bench at the Lakeview and Blakewood fields) or in the field
during the game unless there are extraordinary extenuating circumstances, such as the need for a bathroom break or
an injury occurs.

●  Players are expected to manage their own equipment. Please make sure your player’s equipment (cap, glove, bat,
water bottle) is appropriately labeled with the player’s name and remind your player to keep them in/near their bat
bag/backpack/duffle or in a specified place when s/he is not using them during the game.

●  Players are encouraged to cheer on their teammates during the game. Any negative comments about another player
will be handled as a “coachable moment” as part of SMLL’s commitment to creating a positive playing and learning experience for all SMLL players.

Parent Conduct during Games
●  SMLL encourages the support of families and friends throughout the season.

●  Consider sharing the ideas in the Parent Code of Conduct with family members and friends.

●  Please support youth umpires as they develop and demonstrate their umpiring skills.

●  Managers and coaches represent teams in dealing regarding the application of rules and any officiating issues. If you have any concerns regarding either, communicate them to a manager or coach.

●  If an issue cannot be adequately addressed by a manager or coach, please contact the player agents listed on the
Board of Directors link on the SMLL Website at

We look forward to getting the season started!

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