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If you have questions about registration please contact the registrar at [email protected]

Q) What can I do to have more control over when and where my child practices?  
A) Volunteer to coach your child’s team, ideally by July 4, because we start drafting the teams in mid-July. Because coaches are volunteering their time and energy to our program and our kids, they have priority as to what days, what times and what locations they hold practice. As a coach, you will have the flexibility to arrange your practices around your schedule (field availability considered) and we will provide you the support and training you need to make it a successful experience for everyone. If you do sign up to coach, please try to find your assistant coach at the same time, because once we make the teams, the teams are made. 

Q) When I register my U6/U8 player, can I make requests for coaches or friends to be on the same team?
You can make rank ordered requests when you register your child to play up to July 4, after which we will not consider requests. Please note that we do not guarantee we can satisfy requests because our primary goal in making the teams is to have balanced teams, which we try to achieve to the best of our ability given that we have so little information about each player. Requests are considered but not guaranteed. Making multiple requests does not increase consideration of them, again because we need to focus on balance as well as we can. The Fernflores family will be making the U6/U8 teams in mid-July, adjusting as more players register. Please send your rank ordered requests for consideration to [email protected]

Q) We would prefer a different practice time/coach/team with player’s friends on it. Can I switch teams? 
A) No. We do not make any player changes unless you were inadvertently placed in the wrong division. Examples of incorrect division placement would include if you are a U8 player on a U6 team (or vice-versa) or if we accidentally did not place your child with their sibling. No refunds will be made for drops because of inconvenient practices, coach preference, or friend on team preference. Your child’s playing time in games will not be affected by their ability to attend practices.

When does the season begin?
Games will begin on the first Saturday after Labor Day weekend.

How long is the season?
The season will go for 10 weeks. For the Under 10's through Under 19's the last week of games will be the end of season tournament in which teams will play multiple games in one day.

When and where are the games?
All games will be on Saturdays for all age divisions.  For the Under 6's and Under 8's all games will be held at Los Osos Middle School.  For Under 10's through Under 19's games will vary in location from Los Osos, Morro Bay, Cambria, Templeton, and Atascadero.

When will practices start?
Practices will start approximately in late August.

On what days and times will my child practice?
Practice days and times are solely up to the volunteer coach.

Where are practices held?
Practices are held at the various schools in Los Osos.  The younger divisions will typically practice at the local elementary schools.  The older divisions will typically practice at the middle school.

How are teams selected?
The Under 6's and Under 8's are formed by the Board per league policies.  Under 10's through Under 19's are formed on a draft system.  Players are selected by coaches in a rotating pattern until all players are assigned to a team.

How can I request my child be placed on the same team as one of his/her friends?
For the Under 6 and Under 8 divisions requests can be made at the time of registration, but there are no guarantees that they can be accommodated.  For the Under 10 through Under 19 age divisions requests cannot be made since all team selections are made on a draft system.  Siblings in the same age group will be placed on the same team unless requested otherwise.

Is it possible to have my child moved to another team?
Rosters are frozen at the end of the draft.  Players cannot be moved.

Can I receive a refund if my child decides not to play?
Refunds will be given if the League Registrar is notified by July 31st.

When will my child hear from his/her coach?
You should be hearing from your volunteer coach in late August.

Who are the coaches?
All coaches are volunteers, typically a parent or relative of a player.

How can I become a coach or assistant coach?
If you are interested in becoming a coach or assistant coach please contact our Director of Coaching.  We welcome all new coaches and we have various coaching resources available.

How can I become a referee?
If you are interested in becoming a referee please contact our Director of Referees.  All referees are required to be USSF certified.  See our referee page for additional information.

What type of equipment does my child need in order to play?
All players are required to wear shinguards. Soccer cleats are optional, but highly recommended.  South Bay operates a cleat exchange of donated cleats that are typically kept in a box at the referee tent on the field on Saturdays.  Cleats are free to anyone that needs them.

Are there rules about jewelry/earrings?
We strongly recommend not getting your child's ears pierced prior to the start of soccer season.  Please be aware that regardless of age, we are required that no player have earrings or be wearing any jewelry (including string friendship bracelets) during practice or games for insurance purposes. (We cannot allow earrings to be taped over).

Can my child wear his/her baseball cleats to play?
Baseball cleats cannot be used to play due to the front toe cleat that can inadvertently cause injuries while kicking the ball.

What size ball will my child play with during the season?
Soccer balls are available in sizes 3, 4, and 5.  Under 6's and Under 8's use a #3.  Under 10's and Under 12's use a #4.  Under 14's and up use a #5.

How can I or my business contribute as a sponsor to the league?
Please contact our Sponsor Coordinator to discuss the various sponsor packages we have to choose from.  Your generosity is greatly appreciated.

How can I volunteer to help the league?
South Bay Soccer Association is an all volunteer operated, non-profit organization.  We welcome all volunteers to help with as much as they can take on.  We have various positions open involving various levels of activities.  Contact the Board President if you are interested.

Where do my fees get used?
Of the registration fees collected, nearly half goes to California Youth Soccer Association South for fees and insurance. The remaining amount goes toward paying referees, administration livescans, performance of field maintenance, purchase of equipment & uniforms, field rental, and other league operating expenses. The only paid contract services within the league are for the youth referees, field lining services and the all-star tournament coordinator.

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