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Santa Clara Westside Little League

Volunteer Opportunities for High Schoolers

Would you like to fulfill high school volunteer hours?

We can use your help at the baseball field and concession stand.
Please send an email to [email protected] for more information.

Volunteer Requirements - Please Read

Santa Clara Westside Little League is a non-profit, volunteer-based organization. We offer two recreational baseball programs year-round (the traditional Spring season and the developmental-based Fall Ball) for the youth of our local community.

One of the goals of the SCWLL Board is to encourage participation in Little League Baseball through volunteer support. We are a 100% volunteer led, non-profit organization. There are no paid employees on the Board or otherwise, with the exception of some youth and adult umpires that are paid (some of our umpires are still 100% volunteers). Our league could not successfully run without the support of our amazing Westside families. Please consider volunteering today!
Volunteer Requirements have two parts/two fees; volunteer hours and snack shack shift:

1) 10 volunteer hours per family. Regardless of how many kids you have playing in the league, the total family volunteer hour commitment is 10 hours. There will be a $100 volunteer deposit (via check) required to be given to the team parent prior to opening day. This will be held (not cashed) and returned at the end of the season when the 10 hours have been completed.
  • Hours worked during the following activities count towards the 10 hours: umpire, field maintenance, pre-game field prep, post-game field clean up, scorekeeper, pitch count, scoreboard operator, grandstand clean up, special events, and team volunteer coordinator.   
  • Volunteer roles that automatically complete the 10-hour volunteer requirement: Board Member, Team Manager, Assistant Coach (up to 2 per team), Team Parent and Team Snack Shack Manager.
  • The Challenger Division does not require any volunteer fees.
  • The Team Manager, Assistant Coach (up to 2 per team), and Team Parent roles require consistent volunteering throughout the season and will meet the 10-hour volunteer requirement. All additional coach volunteers who would like to help at practices or in the dugout will still be required to pass the background check but will not have their 10-hour volunteer requirement fulfilled by that role. 

2) 1 snack shack shift per playerThere is a $50 volunteer deposit per player, paid at the time of registration (separate from the $100 deposit noted above).
  • You must work at least one 3-hour snack shack shift per player. For example, if you have one player in the league, you must work at least one 3-hour snack shack shift; if you have two players in the league, you must work at least two 3-hour snack shack shifts; etc. Following completion of each 3-hour shift, you will be given back your deposit.
  • Snack shack shifts are based on game schedules and the time the snack shack needs to be open to ensure all teams have equal opportunity to visit. Shifts and sign-up info will be posted on the website under snack shack tab.

Special exemption for the Team Snack Shack Manager. Every Major, Minor, and Farm team will need a designated Team Snack Shack Manager. This position will satisfy all volunteer requirements including the 10-hour per family requirement and the snack shack shift requirement. Team Snack Shack Managers will be responsible for snack shack opening and/or closing and will be the contact/support person during each of your home games.

We recognize that many strong emotions may come up as a result of this decision, and we know that we have many wonderful and amazing volunteers. Our hope is that you understand the league's need for more help. SCWLL is an all-volunteer organization. We cannot do this without you, and we ask that parents get involved to make this the best possible experience for the kids.

Our goal through this new process is to collect zero dollars in volunteer fees. We just want more of your time and help.

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