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Jul, 2022

Sandlot Fun Day 8/6/2022!

Date: Saturday, August 6, 2022
Location: Steve Carli Field
Ages: There will be two age groups, 7-10 year-olds (10a-12p); and 10-12 year-olds (1p-3p)

Ditch the rulebooks (for the most part). It’s up to the players. This is their game. It’s their decision. Give them the bats, balls, and field, and let them play. They could divide evenly into teams and play a structured game. They could rotate through pitching and hitting and running without a formal defense on the field. They can use a continuous batting order.

A few safety standards:
- Batters must wear helmets.
- Catchers (if that position is fielded) must wear appropriate catcher’s equipment as outlined in the current Little League Rulebook.
- Pitch counts or inning restrictions must be followed as outlined in the current Little League Rulebook.
- Proper pitching distances must be followed.
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Local Sponsors

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