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2023 Spring Season Rules & Modifications

2023 Spring Season Rules Modifications

The following are rule modifications for the 2023 Spring Season. These modifications are in addition to the standard NFL Flag Rulebook that is on the Google Share Drive. If you have any questions or need clarification, please contact the league organizer.


  • Line of Scrimmage (LOS) - where ball is placed for offensive snap

  • No Run Zone (NRZ) - area close to 1st down or goaline that is pass-only and no rushing

  • Rush Line - an alignment line 7 yds off the line of scrimmage in the defensive zone


  • Jerseys must be tucked in or it is flag guarding; clock will not stop for adjustment 

  • No metal cleats, only rubber

  • Mouthpieces are required

  • Shorts should have no pockets; or have pockets taped

  • Shorts cannot be the same color as flags (no green or yellow shorts)

  • Only 2 flags hanging (extra belt must be taped/cut)


  • 25-second play clock— an official will be in charge of this

  • No jumping or diving

  • Fumble is a dead ball/play is over

  • A flip of a coin for possession

  • Handoffs must be behind the line of scrimmage

  • 6u Division (5v5, Coed)

    • Coaches will QB w/ QB stand

    • Coaches do not count as a player

    • NRZ is eliminated

    • No rush allowed

  • 8u Division (7v7, Coed) 

    • Players will QB w/ QB stand

    • NRZ is eliminated

    • No rush allowed

  • 10u Division (7v7, Coed)

    • Players will QB w/ center

    • QB has 7 sec to pass/handoff or play is dead

    • NRZ is enforced when LOS is 3 yards before 1st down and/or touchdown

  • 13u Division (7v7, Boys)

    • Players will QB w/ center

    • NRZ is enforced when LOS is 5 yards before 1st down and/or touchdown

  • QB has 7 sec to pass/handoff or play is dead

  • If QB is rushed by a defender, he may advance the ball after the rusher crosses the line of scrimmage 

  • Rusher must be 7 yds off the line of scrimmage

  • (10u) Only one player may rush the QB and aligned with center

  • (13u) Any number of players can rush the quarterback from anywhere on field

  • No rushing if the LOS is in the NRZ

  • In the NRZ all passes must cross the LOS; no lateral passes or handoffs

  • You have 4 plays to get the first down (midfield)

  • Referee will ask coach if they wish to go for it or “punt”on 4th down as they are setting the play.
    If coach does not answer, it will be assumed play is going for first down and playclock is set. If a coach wishes to change his mind, he/she must use a timeout. If no timeouts remain, he must continue with original decision.

  • A “punt” will reset ball on opposing team’s start position

  • If the offense fails to convert on 4th down attempt, the opposing team takes over from that spot on downs (or usual starting spot if stop is made on or near goal line)

  • Only 1 player can be in motion

  • All players must be set when the ball is snapped (except for the player in motion)


  • Rusher(s) must be 7 yds off the LOS (official will enforce)

  • Rusher may not cross the 7 yds rush line until the ball is snapped

  • The rusher leaves the rush line before the snap and crosses the LOS before a handoff or pass – illegal rush (5-yards from the line of scrimmage and first down).

  • No rushing when the LOS is in the NRZ

  • Any defender(s) may cross the LOS once a handoff is made

  • When defending the Run-Pass-Option (RPO), if there is a dual-posession (QB and RB/WR have ball), the defensive line may not cross the LOS until the handoff is completed 

    • This does not include the rusher who, who may come in at any time.

  • If the defense, other than eligible rusher(s), cross the LOS, it will be an illegal rush (5-yards from the line of scrimmage and first down).


  • Each half is a 20 min rolling clock (6u,8u,10u), 25 min rolling clock (13u)

  • Clock stops only for timeouts, injuries, or officials discretion

  • 2 30-sec timeout per half (6u,8u,10u) / 3 30-sec timeouts per half (13u)

  • Offensive drives start at the 3 yd line (6u,8u,10u) / 5 yd line (13u)

  • Extra point conversion

    • 1 pt from the 3-yd (6u,8u,10u) / 5 yd (13u - No Run Zone)

    • 2 pt from the 7-yd (6u,8u,10u) / 10 yd (13u - Pass or Run allowed)

  • Non-play penalties (false start, illegal motion, illegal formation, etc.) 5 yd + loss of down

  • (6u,8u,10u) Penalty yardage adjusted for shorter field; 5 yds = 3yds, 10 yds = 7 yds

  • Due to our rental agreement with The Bridge, ALL GAMES MUST START ON TIME!

  • The ball is spotted where the ball is when the flag is pulled

  • Dead ball occurs where the ball hits the turf (NOT where it rolls)


  • Celebrations are allowed but NOT taunting, pushing, shoving, or distasteful dances/emotes; those are Unsportsmanlike Conduct (+10 yds, automatic 1st down)

  • As coaches do your best to get kids as much playing time as possible and spread the ball around when possible

  • Excessive behavior towards officials/players/other coaches will not be tolerated and will result in ejection from the building (see Code of Conduct)

  • Coaches may question calls in a respectful manner (no derogatory comments)

  • Officials will have final say

  • Unnecessary rough play will result in the player being suspended from the game for the remainder of the half.  The second offense is ejection from the game.

NFL Flag Rulebook:

NFL Flag Football Penalties Chart:

We reserve the right to make adjustments as needed.

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