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Roar Sports Youth Flag Football

NFL Flag Official League

Frequently Asked Questions

What is so special about NFL Flag Football? 

Our league is an officially licensed NFL Flag Football league. This means that we have exclusive rights to provide some things that you'll not find in other recreation leagues.

Your player will receive a licensed NFL team jersey to keep! These jerseys include authentic team logos.

This may seem like a minor thing, but it can make all the difference in the world to the players and gameplay in general. We use special flag belts that have detachable flags through a mechanism that forces the flag pull to be intentional. No more potentially big plays being whistled dead because your player's flags or belt accidentally falls off!

NFL Flag Football is designed with player safety in mind. There are gameplay rules in place to prevent "tackling" (wrapping up an offensive player), "charging" (running intentionally at a defenseman), and other plays that cause injuries.

There's much more, but those are some of the big ones.

What kind of gear does my player need?

Jerseys and flag belts are included in your registration fees. Any athletic shorts may be used. However, per NFL FLAG guidelines, shorts cannot have pockets. You may purchase official NFL FLAG shorts here or buy your own. Also, shorts may NOT be the same color as the flags. So no yellow or bright green shorts.

Shoes are a user preference for our league. The turf at The Bridge is very thick and spongy. If your player is one who jukes and cuts, rubber football cleats are definitely recommended. There are 2 other options we have seen as well. There is an actual 'turf' shoe that has little nubs on the bottom and then there's good 'ol fashioned tennis shoes. Either of those will work too, just make sure you have good ankle support for your player.

In the pic below you see all 3 options. The defender on the left is wearing turf shoes and the defender on the right is wearing tennis shoes. The running back in the middle is wearing cleats. 

What does the schedule look like? What is the time commitment?

Our league is designed with the family's busy schedule in mind. After the combine and draft, there will be 2-3 practices before the first game. After the first game, there will only be 1 practice per week and 1 game per week. In other words, once the season starts, it's only 2 times a week. All games will be played indoors at The Bridge Sports Complex on the turf field and on Saturdays.

Where will the games be played?

All games will be played at The Bridge Sports Complex located at 400 Forrester Boulevard, Bridgeport, WV 26330.

Is the league co-ed?

Yes. The league is a "no blocking" league. Therefore, with not intentional blocking motions it is both safe and appropriate for co-ed gameplay. All youth ages 6-14 years old are welcome.

Do I have to be a member of The Bridge to play in this league?

No. Roar Sports Youth Football League is its own entity. We have a partnership with The Bridge in the sense that we play our games there. Our league is independent of The Bridge Sports Complex.

Where can I find more information about NFL Flag Football?

Click here to visit the FAQ section of NFL Flag Football

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