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Grand Island L.L. Baseball & Softball, NEW YORK

Grand Island L.L. Baseball & Softball, NEW YORK


  1. Must be a GILL coach to sign up for batting cage use. 

  2. Must schedule on GILL website prior to use. Requests should be emailed to [email protected]

  3. No one is to use cages without GILL official consent.

  4. Usage is scheduled in 1 hour intervals.

  5. Get in and get out quickly. Respect the next team’s hour time frame

  6. Must leave area clean upon completion of session.

  7. GILL locks are not be taken from premises. Do not give combination to locks to ANYONE. All combinations will be given out by league representative.

  8. The user is responsible for the locks and can be liable if locks are misplaced or broken.

  9. Coaches and GILL players only allowed in cages.

  10. Requests must be made 24 hours in advance.

  11. Any cancellations must be made 24 hours in advance.

  12. Each GILL affiliated team is offered two 1-hour sessions per week.  Anything over 2 sessions will be scheduled on a First Come First served basis.

  13. Cages open April weather permitting and will remain open until October 31st.

  14. If all time frames are occupied, the league will create a waiting list on a first come first served basis.

  15. Teams can sign up by emailing the cage registration email address [email protected] 

  16. Cages will be following GILL guidelines for thunder/lightening protocol. In the event of a delay, any interrupted sessions will be rescheduled for next available time interval.


  1. All Coaches and players in the cage MUST be a member of GILL.

  2. Each player must wear a batting helmet and must use a Little League approved bat.

  3. Only 1 player and 1 coach are allowed in the batting cage at a time.

  4. No warm up swings allowed outside of cage.

  5. Players must be a member of the team that is scheduled

  6. Players must wear sneakers.  NO cleats.


  1. Cages will be open Mon- Fri 5pm-8pm/ Sat & Sun 9am-8pm.

  2. Any special requests must be approved by GILL.

NON GILL teams (travel teams)

  1. Must sign up 24 hours in advance. All GILL teams, either house or travel, have first preference. If a travel team is not scheduled and are using cages, they will be required to abandon the cages if a GILL related team is scheduled.

  2. Must get league approval and sign an Agreement of Usage.

  3. Must show proof of insurance.

  4. 24-hour cancellation notice required.

  5. Must follow all GILL cage procedures (see above).


1. Cages will be available to teams scheduled to play in any GILL sanctioned tournament ½ hour prior to their game. Cages usage will be on a first come basis.  Cages cannot be scheduled for usage during tournaments. The cages can be scheduled for GILL teams during tournament hours of play using the same system.


Grand Island Little League Baseball & Softball
PO Box 714 
Grand Island, New York 14072

Email: [email protected]

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