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Grand Island L.L. Baseball & Softball, NEW YORK

Grand Island L.L. Baseball & Softball, NEW YORK

Snack Stand

The Grand Island Snack Stand sells food and beverages on game days. The stand is managed by a team of volunteers and staffed by parents. Each team is assigned two or three shifts to cover during the course of the season and parents find it a nice way to volunteer with the league and interact with other parents and players.



Question: Why do we have the snack stand?

There are several reasons, first and foremost being, the kids love it.  They look forward to getting a treat after their games.  Secondly, it's a benefit to our league families.  The opportunity to catch an inexpensive dinner, or grab a snack or a drink during a long day at the park is a benefit that most sports do not provide.  Thirdly, it's a main source of revenue for the league.


Question:  Where do the snack proceeds go? Doesn't my enrollment fee cover that?

Many places, but mostly to general amenities to go back into the little league itself.  This includes: equipment, umpires and fees that are to be paid to the town.  These funds can also be used for field improvement projects like the roof on the snack stand or the covers over the dugouts. These funds combined with the enrollment fee cover the necessities for running the league.


Question: Why do the families have to work the stand?  Why don't we hire a crew?

Volunteering in the stand is a tradition that goes back decades.  It gives parents an opportunity to meet other families and give back to Grand Island.  True, we could hire a regular crew but that would run into the thousands of dollars each season, and that is money better spent elsewhere to improve the league and park.


Question: How often must I work?

You would need to work a shift per child in the league.  If you have one child, then you would only need to work one shift.  If you have two children in the league, you would need to work two shifts.  If there is other situations, please contact to league to set up a plan of action.


Question: Do I as a parent have to work in the stand, or may I send my child or representative?

Yes, with some exceptions.  You may send someone in your place, like another family member or child.  However, the child must be 13 or older to work in the stand, and an adult must work the grill. 


Question: How do I know when we are scheduled?

The stand schedule will be distributed to the coaches and an e-mail will be sent with the schedule. Each night or Saturday, a time frame will be assigned.  You may be scheduled to open or close the stand on a given game day.  In a way to make it easier on families, you would be scheduled the same night your child would play. I know it is disappointing to miss one of your child's game please know shifts are broken up, so you would be able to see the start of the game or the end of the game still.

Question: What if I cannot make my shift?

It is the adult's responsibility to fill the roll of the shift, if the stand is not fully staffed by the team scheduled for the night, the game for the team will not be able to begin until the stand is fully staffed.

Question: How do I know what to do when I get there?

Either the snack stand coordinator or a member of the opening team will be there to train you on all the machine, the grill, procedures, etc.  One adult will be in charge of grilling hot dogs and hamburgers, another will be in charge of food prep, and the two or three will be at the register to take orders.

Question: Will I enjoy this experience or will it be a total drag?

Like with anything, you get out of it what you put in, but must parents through the years will tell you that had a nice time socializing and interacting with our players.  Grand Island Little League sincerely appreciates your efforts.


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