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CDO Soccer Juggling Club

Want to have a better touch on the ball when receiving it in the air? Juggling the ball is a key way to get familiar with different controlling surfaces (such as the the thighs, chest and head), but ultimately soccer is a game played with the feet, so juggling the ball predominantly with your feet can really help develop your game!

Here's all you have to do. Work on your juggling at home, away from practice and then try and earn a juggling award at practice! Players receive an enscribed wrist band, or wrist "belt" for attaining a level of proficiency in juggling, in the same way you go up the belts in Karate as you become more of an expert!

The order of 'wrist belts': (number of successful juggles in parenthesis)

White - (10)
Yellow - (25)
Orange - (50)
Blue - (100)
Purple - (200)
Brown - (500)
Black - (1000)

The lower numbers at first create encouragement and enthusiasm to try, while the higher numbers for expert levels create targets for those who are committed and competitive!


The rules:

1. The soccer ball must be the same size you play your games with or smaller, and be correctly inflated (not flat!)

2. You can juggle with any part of your body you can use on the field in soccer (no hands/arm obviously!), but only touches with any part of the foot count. (If you need to use your thigh to bring a ball under control, that's fine, just do not count that touch towards your total)

3. The ball cannot touch the same foot more than twice in a row, otherwise your turn is over. (To prevent players just using their dominant foot)



Players can practice all they like by yourself at home, scores must be verified by another person at CDO Soccer Club training, or by video if at home, in order to receive an award. Players cannot just say "I got 30,000"! The juggling must be observed and counted by another person, (see below), or recorded and counted back for accuracy.

1. Take turns juggling with a partner observing at practice - the other player keeps your score out loud, so when a level is almost achieved, a coach can come by and observe the successful completion. (Hopefully this encourages players to get to training a few minutes early to beat their best score!)

2. Video...with lots of cell phones having this feature, it shouldn't be too hard to do. It must be one continuous shot with the players always in view, no crafty editing to cheat!

3. A coach can verify at training by watching the attempt.


CDO Soccer Juggling Club Hall of Fame:

The ten players with the highest scores of all time go on our 'coming soon' Hall of Fame portion of the website! Watch out for Coaches Challenges, where CDO staff show you how to do a trick, so you can go do it better than they can!

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