The Fall 2015 season begins on September 12th.

  Your child's coach will be contacting you soon to give team-specific information such as practice days and times.
Kindergarten Lollipop will run Saturday mornings at Fairview Park in Clifton heights.
For info email Ben Savage: ben.savage.fcathletics

SAY Soccer at Fairview-Clifton

Fairview Soccer offers teams from Kindergarden to Sixth Grade.  We encourage all Fairview kids to participate in our fun and recreational league.  Fairview Soccer is part of the Cincinnati East SAY Soccer Area.

We hope that all Fairview students who are interested in playing soccer in a recreational league will join us.

SAY Soccer is a completely volunteer run organization, except for the referees, who are paid for each game they referee.  Please consider volunteering as a Coach or Assistant Coach.  Or consider working with Cincinnati SAY East to organize the league that our kids play in.  Finally, if you have teenage children, consider having them train to become referees.  They can make some money, get some exercise and learn about the game of soccer.  You can sign up as a volunteer when you register your child for soccer, or send me an email.

Registration Information

Welcome to the Fall 2015 Season of Fairview SAY Soccer!

You will receive information about your child's team and practice time in early August.   Please be patient with our all-volunteer organization.

Better yet, become a part of our organization by coaching!  Without your help, there will be no soccer at Fairview.  Step up and do your part!

Games will be played on Saturdays and Sundays from September 12th- October 24th.
The game schedule will be available at the end of August/early September.
The SAY East calendar can be found here: http://www.sayeast.org/Default.aspx?tabid=170252

Parents cannot request specific teams or coaches for their child.  All teams are formed by blind draw.  This is a SAY requirement.  However, siblings may always be placed on the same team, if desired.  Please feel free to let me know if you want your sibling children on the same team. 

You will need to order a uniform jersey for your child (if you do not have one) and the cost is $25.00/jersey and they are black with the German crest.    If you think your child is going to outgrow their jersey over the summer, you may want to order the next bigger size jersey now.  There will be no second order placed for jerseys during the season, so please plan ahead.

Levon Siler,
District Representative

Contact Us

Fairview Soccer is a part of Cincinnati East Say.  You can contact the Fairview District Representative, Levon Siler, at fairviewfalconssoccer@gmail.com.  You can find information about Cincinnati East SAY at their website. click here

Fairview Athletic Boosters

Fairview Athletic Boosters works to support all athletic activities for Fairview students.  Check out their website to see what other sports opportunities are available for Fairview students.  Click here

Many thanks to FAB for organizing Lollipop Soccer for the kindergartners this fall.  Also, thanks to the parents volunteering to coach their kids!

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