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The pool program is to provide training in preparation for competitive play in the competition/travel program (beginning with U11) for those players that have the desire and commitment to become better players.

All U9/U10s rec players are eligible to play on a developmental team sponsored by their club as long as they are on the certified roster. This is a developmental league and not a comp league or all-star league, and no tryouts are to be held for these teams. This is an opportunity for players to experience travel soccer with different players and against competition from other clubs.

Players must play on an in-house NYS recreational team to be eligible. An additional cost applies.

If interested, please reach out to the respective U9/U10 Age Director. 


Thank you for your interest in our travel soccer program. NYS is very proud of the coaches, parents, and especially the children who make up our travel teams. While we are hoping to use this informational sheet to explain how travel soccer with NYS works, we strongly encourage you to talk to friends and neighbors about their experiences, while recognizing that each team has a unique character.

What is the difference between recreational (In-house) and (POOL) travel soccer?
In our rec program, all children who register on time will be assigned to a team, and will receive equal playing time. Ability is not a factor, and all interested players are welcome. Coaches are sometimes novice, and usually are parent volunteers who offer to coach their children and their friends.

Travel soccer is a competitive program. This program provides training in preparation for competitive play for those players that have shown the desire and commitment to become better players. Coaches are more experienced, typically licensed, and bring a wealth of personal playing and training experience to the teams they lead. Travel is a highly competitive world, and players’ development is of the utmost importance on NYS pool teams.

Who should play pool travel soccer?
Please realize that travel soccer is not for everyone and that in many cases, a player and his or her family may be best served by our recreational (in-house) program. To be successful in travel soccer, children should show a high level of ability, and their families should recognize that a greater commitment, both in terms of attendance at practices and games, is required.

How old must a player be to play for a pool travel team?
Generally, players are offered the opportunity beginning at U9 (usually 3rd grade).

Does my child have to try-out to be on a pool team? How many players make the team?
Any U9/U10 player is eligible to play on a pool team, try-outs are not required. However the minimum requirements for a player to be eligible to play on a pool team are that they must attend three consecutive foot-skill sessions held on Friday nights and the recommendation of the coaching director. It is also important to note that if your child is part of the Development Pool, he/she is still required to fully participate in the recreation program.

How many players will ‘make it’?
Player roster is unlimited per the South Central District guidelines, the Coaches will schedule enough games to accommodate the roster and skill set. U9 and U10 teams play 8 vs 8.

How many games are played during a season?
A maximum (10) games a season are scheduled per 16 player roster. Each player must play 50% of each game unless unable to do so for injury, illness, or disciplinary reasons. 50/50 Play Time rule (SCD and CJSA) states that a player plays 50% of the game time that they are in attendance.

When are the games held?
Generally travel games are held on Saturday afternoons, but almost every team will find themselves with a Sunday or Friday Night game at least once during the season. In some cases there will be more than one game a weekend.

What, specifically, does the “travel” part of Travel Soccer entail?
While many families, especially those considering this level of soccer for the first time, fear that by ‘travel’ they are committing to going all over CT every weekend throughout the season, this is definitely NOT the case. League games- roughly 10 of them per season- are played in New Haven County. However, you may end up playing a game in New London County. 50% of the games are played in Naugatuck. Away game travel times are typically under an hour to the opposing team. Traditionally with the youngest teams (U9 and U10), the travel leagues make an attempt to group the children geographically, although it is not guaranteed that there won’t be some games at a greater distance.

How many hours a week will my child practice?

Generally speaking, pool teams practice once a week for an hour and a half during the regular season. Sometimes a team will add a second night to work on a specific aspect of the game such as shooting. The pool practice is in addition to in-house recreation soccer which also has a practice once a week and game.

It all sounds great - but how much will this cost my family?
Upon transition from Rec to the Pool Team, the difference in league fees must be made up. While commitment to the training is still the main deciding factor, you must keep in mind that additional costs now come into play. An additional fee per season will be required from each pool player. In addition, all U9/U10 Players are required to purchase a NYS Approved Pool uniform through the NYS Purchasing director, that is required and only to be used for pool games and tournaments.

Is there any financial assistance available?
NYS does not want any child to be unable to play soccer because his or her family is unable to afford the cost. We will make every effort to provide assistance in instances where the player’s family merits financial aid.

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