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Welcome to Penfield Youth Basketball


2023-2024 Fees:

$325 Boys and Girls 5th-8th Grade
$275 Boys and Girls 3rd-4th Grade
$25 discount for additional family members not applicable to the first player

Uniforms are issued at an additional fee if needed
Registration fees will be collected after tryouts are completed and teams are formed.
Refunds or partial refunds are only considered for families moving out of the area, injuries preventing participants from playing the majority of the season, or other significant life events.

  • When are tryouts held? Tryouts for all levels are held in September. Times and locations will be posted on the website. There are usually two sessions for each grade level. ALL players should make every effort to attend both tryouts as this provides the coaches the best opportunity to properly assess and place them. Although the organization's goal is to provide all an opportunity to participate, due to the competitive environment and resource availability we do limit the number of teams and players.
  • Is PYB a competitive program?  Please keep in mind this is not a recreation-type program. It was established for the competitive-minded youth who has a desire to better their skill level in basketball and aspires to continue to play at higher levels. Cuts may be necessary at all grade levels. There are usually at least 2 teams of boys and girls at each of the 3 levels (3/4 grade, 5/6 grade, 7/8 grade).
  • How many athletes participate in PYB? More than 180 Penfield youth participate in the program each year. Participation is limited to Town of Penfield residents or Penfield Public School attendees.

  • How long is the season? How often are practices? Where? Practices start in October. The league and tournament season starts in November and usually ends in late February/early March. League games are on weekends. Tournament games are almost always on weekends and in the Monroe County area. Our home games are played at Bay Trail Middle School on Sundays. Each team typically has two practices a week during the season but most of the 7th/8th grade teams typically practice once per week once the modified season starts. Practices are usually 90 minutes long and are conducted at Penfield school gyms and area facilities.
  • How many games do they play? The number of games played in a season varies by gender and grade level. The typical number of games, including league and tournament during a season is 3rd/4th grade: 20-30, 5th/6th grade: 30-40, 7th/8th grade: 30-40

  • What about playing time? For both boys and girls the following is the policy for playing time: 3rd/4th - Equal time for all, 5th/6th - Mandatory 4 minutes each half and time is essentially split evenly as much as possible, 7th/8th - Coach discretion but everyone must play. Coaches are expected to provide ample opportunity for everyone to play.
  • Can a player "play up"? "Playing up" is not encouraged, however in special circumstances with the Club's and parent's agreement a player may play at a higher grade level.

  • What kind of commitment is expected of players and parents? Please keep in mind this is not a recreation-type program. It was established for the competitive-minded youth who has a desire to better their skill level in basketball and aspires to continue to play at higher levels. In an effort to have a successful, competitive program, we need athletes who are committed to learning the game, raising their level of play and consistently attending practices and games. You must also be flexible during the year. Games and practices can change at the last minute. Tournament schedules regularly are not finalized until the day before play begins. The program needs active parent support to be successful. Each team is responsible to set up concessions and tear-down at least one home game at Bay Trail during the year.

  • Is there a Code of Conduct?  All players and parents will be required to sign a code of conduct representing the organization's beliefs in appropriate competitive behavior as a condition of participation and attendance at games and practices. Players may suffer severe consequences if there are repeated violations of this code.

  • Are there volunteer opportunities? Contact a club officer or your respective coach if you are interested in volunteering for any of the following opportunities to help: Team Coordinator, Master Scheduler, Concessions, Scorekeeping, Equipment Manager, Time Keeper, Fund Raising