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Avonworth Athletic Association Home Run Club 2020

 2020 Home Run Club sponsored by
Avonworth Eagles Football

ColtPony Little

 Date Name Division Team Field
 06/23/20 Brady Hull  Little League Giants Avonworth LL
 06/23/20 Michael Shipley Tee Ball 6 Marauders Avonworth TB6
 06/24/20 Bennett Toy  Tee Ball 6   Yard Goats  Avonworth TB6
 06/24/20 Alexa Wilmus Tee Ball 6 Yard Goats  Avonworth TB6
 06/25/20 James Gallucci Tee Ball 4/5 Mudcats  Avonworth TB4/5
 06/26/20 Michael Shipley Tee Ball 6  Marauders Avonworth TB6 
 06/29/20 James Gallucci Tee Ball 4/5 Mudcats Avonworth TB4/5
 06/30/20 Mack Donovan Little League Cubs Avonworth LL 
 06/30/20 Bennett Toy  Tee Ball 6 Yard Goats  Avonworth TB6
 07/02/20 Cooper Scharding  Little League White Sox Avonworth LL
 07/02/20 James Gallucci Tee Ball 4/5  Mudcats Avonworth TB4/5 
 07/11/20 Baylor Hines Tee Ball 4/5 Mudcats Avonworth TB4/5
 07/11/20 James Gallucci Tee Ball 4/5 Mudcats Avonworth TB4/5
 07/13/20 Chase Vermillion Tee Ball 4/5  Hooks  Avonworth TB4/5 
 07/14/20 Austin Acierno  Tee Ball 4/5  Muckdogs Avonworth TB4/5 
 07/16/20 Cooper Scharding  Little League  White Sox  Avonworth LL 
 07/16/20 Cooper Scharding  Little League White Sox  Avonworth LL
 07/17/20 Cooper Scharding Little League  White Sox Avonworth LL
 07/17/20 Baylor Hines Tee Ball 4/5 Mudcats Avonworth TB4/5 
 07/17/20 Baylor Hines Tee Ball 4/5 Mudcats Avonworth TB4/5
 07/17/20 James Gallucci Tee Ball 4/5 Mudcats Avonworth TB4/5
 07/18/20 Sam Cavanaugh  Little League Cardinals  Avonworth LL
 07/18/20 Andrew Hetcko Little League Cardinals Avonworth LL
 07/18/20 Cooper Scharding Little League White Sox Avonworth LL
 07/18/20 Cooper Scharding Little League White Sox Avonworth LL
 07/18/20 Luca Sayles  Tee Ball 6 Yard Goats Avonworth TB6
 07/18/20 Alexa Wilmus Tee Ball 6 Yard Goats Avonworth TB6
 07/20/20 James Gallucci Tee Ball 4/5  Mudcats  Avonworth TB6
(Call Up Home Run)
 07/22/20 Carson Franc  Little League  Nationals  Avonworth LL 
 07/24/20 Austin Acierno  Tee Ball 4/5 Muckdogs  Avonworth TB4/5 
 07/25/20 James Gallucci  Tee Ball 4/5  Mudcats  Avonworth TB4/5
 07/25/20 James Gallucci  Tee Ball 4/5  Mudcats  Avonworth TB4/5
 07/25/20 Cody Cwyner Minor League Pirates  Avonworth ML
 07/27/20 Evan Ludwig  Tee Ball 6 Lugnuts Avonworth TB6
 07/27/20 Jax Alberts Tee Ball 6 Lugnuts Avonworth TB6
 07/27/20 Jackson Birch Tee Ball 6 Lugnuts Avonworth TB6
 07/28/20 Austin Acierno Tee Ball 4/5 Muckdogs  Avonworth TB4/5 
 07/28/20 Sam Cavanaugh  Little League  Cardinals  Avonworth LL 
 07/29/20 Noah Neiss Minor League Pirates Avonworth ML
 08/01/20 Cody Cwyner Minor League Pirates  Avonworth ML 

* Indicates GRAND SLAM

Report all over the fence home runs to [email protected].
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