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Spring Registration Info

Spring Registration is currently CLOSED for the 2019 season. If interested in playing there may still be available spots, please contact use at [email protected] for more details. 


Spring Soccer: What is it?

Spring Soccer:  What is it?

2019 Spring Season Registration is currently CLOSED! 


Blue Mountain Soccer Club (BMSC) participates in the Reading Berks Junior Soccer League (RBJSL) during the Spring Season.  The RBJSL ( Spring Season is for Travel teams (former age groups of U9 and older).  BMSC currently does not have a Developmental Spring Program.  However, there is some consideration into creating one if there is enough interest and if coaches are available.  If interested, please contact our Director of Developmental Soccer, Registrar, or any other Board Member. Cost is $35 for returning player from the 2018 Fall season and $70 for NEW players to club for the spring season. 


Summary of BMSC Spring Soccer in the RBJSL


    • RBJSL's Spring Season consists of 6 games with NO playoffs.

    • The Spring 2018 Game season starts March 16, 2019 and ends April 28, 2019.

    • NO games Easter weekend.


    • Teams are grouped by gender, age, and competition level (tier) very similarly to the Fall season.  Although the Spring is in a new calendar year, it is still considered a part of the 2018-19 soccer year.  Thus, players are NOT automatically advanced one age classification from the Fall season.

    • Although there are no U8 age groups, if interested, 1st Grade/U8 players may elect to request to be placed on a 2nd Grade/U9 team.  If enough 1st Grade/U8 players sign up, a U8 team will be formed to play U9 at the lowest skill classification available (typically T3).

    • Since Spring registration numbers are often significantly less than those of the Fall, Spring teams are often NOT the same as those in the Fall.  Some teams and/or age groups may need to be combined to form a team.


    • Games are played outdoors with home games played on BMSC fields and away games played at opponents' fields.

    • Practices are held on BMSC fields.

    • Some coaches elect to hold practices indoors at various facilities.  However, there is typically an ADDITIONAL CHARGE for indoor practices that is NOT covered by the BMSC registration fees.  No coach is permitted to require a player to pay additional costs beyond what is required through the registration process, nor can a player be disciplined for not attending such practices.

  • Can a child play both soccer and baseball/softball?

    • There is no rule against it, however it is the parents' discretion to decide if time can be committed to both.

    • If electing to do both, players are still expected to attend soccer practice.


    • Spring Teams must be registered in the RBJSL system by early January.  In order for the BMSC to formulate the teams and identify the appropriate coaches, all player registrations must be completed in the BMSC system by Dec 31 2018.

  • Player passes and coach background clearances are required.

  • If a player registers and it is determined that there is not enough registrants to formulate a team, that player will receive a full refund.


If there are any questions regarding the registration process, please contact our Registrar at [email protected]


If you are interested in coaching during the Spring Season, please contact our Director of Coaching. 









Registration Listing

No Programs are Currently Displayed

There are no programs or divisions available at the moment. Please contact your club administrator with any questions.

Fall Registration Info

2018 Fall Soccer Registration Information

Information for upcoming 2019 Season to come! 



BMSC Soccer registration for the Fall 2019 season is:

CLOSED for the Travel Program –Check back soon for details

OPEN for the Developmental Program –Check back soon for details


***Late registrations for the Travel Program are being considered based on team space availability but are not guaranteed***


Registration must be completed online through our website at



The Blue Mountain Soccer Club (BMSC) offers two programs for the FALL based on grade and age:


Developmental Program – In-House soccer for age levels U5 thru U8 (1st Grade and younger).

All practices and games take place within the boundaries of the Blue Mountain School District.


Travel Program – Inter-Club soccer for age levels U9 and above (2nd Grade and older) for all skill levels.  Travel teams typically compete in the Reading-Berks Junior Soccer League (RBJSL).  Please note that due to many RBJSL schools having Junior High soccer (including Blue Mountain), divisions for 7th grade and older might not be available.


PLEASE NOTE: Starting the Fall 2019 season, players will be placed on teams using BIRTH YEAR as the starting point of formation of teams starting with the 2011 birth year.  This is USA Soccer Guidelines. Also will be looking at skill levels (per skill evaulations) and team needs. Teams which has already been in the club will stay grade based to keep teams together (U10-U14). 



The registration fees for each program are as follows:


Developmental (U5-U8)


Travel, U9-U12


Travel, U13+



This fee is to be paid for each player registered. Developmental is not require to do Fundraiser starting Fall 2018 season. 



The BMSC Fundraiser or Buyout is mandatory for the first two (2) players in the household.


For our Fundraiser, we have again partnered with It's Just Barbecue, Deer Lake, PA.  Each player is responsible for 7 tickets at a cost of $8 a piece for a total of $56.  Tickets will be disbursed in late June and redeemable thru the end of October.


In lieu of a fundraiser, the Buyout option is $25.


Fundraiser / Buyout payment is due at time of registration.

What Does Cost of Registration and Fundraiser cover?

The Cost of Registration along with the Fundraiser is very important to help our club run efficiently and cover the following expenses;
*Travel Team Tournament Funds
*Field Liner
*Field Supplies
*RBJSL League Fees
*EPYSA Insurance Fees
*Ref League Fees
*Playoff Ref Fees
*Developmental T-Shirts (Uniforms)
*Coaches Polo Shirts
*Youth Soccer Night
*Developmental end of Year Tournament
*PO BOX for mailing
*Team Soccer Supplies
*Team Goalie Gloves
*Along with other misc items. 



Developmental Program

The Club will provide uniforms for the Developmental Program (T-shirt jersey and 1 pair of soccer socks).


Travel Program

All Travel players (U9 to U14+) will be required to provide or purchase the club-approved uniform "kit".  The uniform kit will consist of two (2) jerseys, shorts, and soccer socks.  Players that currently have uniforms will NOT be required to replace those uniforms. Cost of these uniforms will be roughly $75


Jersey number requests can be made at the time of registration, however the Club reserves the right to assign numbers at its discretion.  For same-number requests, returning players will be given priority consideration followed by those who register early (so REGISTER EARLY!!!).



Coaches & Volunteers (Travel & Developmental)

If you plan on coaching or assisting the team in anyway, please register as a volunteer at the same time you register your player(s).  Every person who has contact with the soccer players MUST go thru the required background checks.  Details will be emailed to each volunteer.



Player & Coach Passes (Travel only)

ALL Travel Players and Coaches need to provide updated photos (jpg format) for their player passes.  Please email them to [email protected].

Any player new to the BMSC Travel Program must also email a copy of the birth certificate (jpg format) to [email protected].

If you are playing for another premier Travel club, you MUST declare so at time of registration.



Skills Session (Travel only U9-U13)

Updated 03/15/2018

BMSC will be holding a skills session for all registered BMSC Travel Teams (U9-U13).  The number of registrants at this age group necessitates the creation of two teams.  The purpose of the skills session is to help with rostering of divisions who have enough to create two teams or player which are new to travel this coming season. 

2019 Dates, Times and Locations coming SOON! 





Any questions can be emailed to [email protected].  We will also be updating our website as more information becomes available.




Age Division Groupings

Age/Division Groupings

Player Age and Grade Level

Updated 05/18/2018

As a soccer club we are a member of Eastern Pennsylvania Youth Soccer (EPYSA) as are almost all soccer clubs in this part of the state.  EPYSA has been mandated by US Youth Soccer to adopt the FIFA birth year rule starting Fall 2016.  This change has effectively moved the age cutoff date from Aug 1/Jul 31 to Jan 1/Dec 31.  The old cutoff corresponded closely with the school year.  The new age cutoff date could effectively breakup teams that basically consisted of players of the same grade that have been playing together for years.


Beginning Fall 2016, BMSC has decided to generally group players, as much as possible, by school grade rather than their new "U" age designation.  Doing so more closely mimics how we have formed teams over the past 25+ years.  This avoids one team consisting of a split of 4th and 5th graders, then next oldest team a split of 5th and 6th graders, and so on.  The result is that some players may have to "play-up" an age division to stay with their current grade.


For example, a "younger" 4th grader might be considered U10 based on birth year, while an "older" 4th grader born in the previous calendar year would be considered U11.  To keep the 4th graders together, the U10 player would need to play on a U11 team with the other "older" 4th graders.


When registering online, the "younger" players in each grade might see two age divisions available to choose from:  (1) the lowest eligible age division by birth year; (2) the grade-appropriate division.  Please select only one age division.  The "older" players should only see one age division available when registering.


As a club, we do our best to accommodate every player that registers and place them on a team that will allow them to be competitive and grow.   Minimum and maximum roster sizes mandated by EPYSA/RBJSL (also NEW revisions for Fall 2017) sometimes makes this challenging.  We will be using the grade of a player as a starting point when formulating the teams.  However, due to the roster restrictions, some exceptions might be necessary.


We will be announcing teams the once they are formulated and coaches identified, likely by mid-July.



2017-18 Age/Division Grouping Chart

Updated 05/30/2017


2017/18 Age Group Chart


2017-18 Soccer Year




Birth Year

Youngest Division*

Most Common School Grades by Birth Year

BMSC Program

BMSC Age Division
(U div / Grade)

BMSC Grade Groupings




N/A (Junior High)






Travel** (or Junior High)


















































K-1 (Pre-K)






K-2 (Pre-K)

* Youngest Eligible Age Division per US Youth Soccer regulations

** U14 age division will only be available if enough players register

NOTE: Teams will generally be formed by School Grade even if player is eligible for younger age division.





Any questions can be emailed to [email protected].




Registration Fundraiser

The BMSC fundraiser is mandatory for the first two (2) players in the household.

Fall 2018.....  we are still partnered with It's Just Barbecue 

320 Beech Road, Route 61 North, Deer Lake, PA 17961

 Each player is responsible for 7 tickets at a cost of $8 each, totaling $56;
Pay the buyout price of $25.



offers your choice of one large pulled pork or smoked chicken breast sandwich, one side and cornbread.

Tickets will be disbursed late June for redemption by October 31


Fundraising fees are used to offset the cost of equipment, field maintenance, portable toilets, tournament fees, and developmental fun day.  

Volunteer Info

The club would not be successful without the dedicated parents who volunteer their time to give the kids a great soccer experience.  As you go through the new registration process, there will be a section for you, the parents, to inform the BMSC where you can lend a hand. We appreciate all our volunteers and the time they spend with our children.  We can always use more help, so please see a board member about how you can help contribute to your child’s soccer experience. 

Prospective Head Coaches or Assistant Coaches.... The BMSC wants to make sure that we are doing all we can to help educate and enhance your coaching experience as well as our player's experience.  We would ask that you check the corresponding box if interested in coaching during the registration process to help us begin to determine our coaches positions within the BMSC. As the coaches and teams are selected, they will be listed on the website.