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Travel Objectives

For 2018, the BMSC developed an objective called Kids Come First!!  The objective of the BMSC is to provide the best player development experience for our club members so they can reach their maximum potential and enjoy learning the game of soccer.  As our children get more involved in the game of soccer, it is assumed that our members desire to play soccer on the high school level or equivalent competitive league level.  To obtain this objective, BMSC aims to instill an environment of enthusiasm and appreciation for the sport of soccer.  It aims to promote good sportsmanship and develop technical, tactical, physical, and psychological components of the game to be a quality soccer player and achieve the desired level of play.   The BMSC believes that a successful player develops both individual skills as well as team skills.  Consequently, our program incorporates the concepts of good sportsmanship, self-control, leadership, commitment to teamwork and team spirit.

Once they are in 2nd grade, they will sign up for our travel program.  Our travel program will provide an opportunity to group the more advanced players together and play against similar opponents, and the less advanced players will get a chance to improve and get better playing against their peers.  They will have more playing time on a recreation team and get a chance to build up their skills and confidence (and have fun!) in a less competitive environment.  The club feels strongly that recreational players could still develop into excellent varsity soccer players. 

The club feels this will benefit and help the development of all players.  Please note that it's important to realize that both recreation players and the more competitive players will still do the same amount of driving to games.  The distinction only refers to their current ability level and where they would have the best opportunity to improve their soccer skills and have fun.

Travel Program Leagues (U9 and above)

The Blue Mountain Soccer Club plays in both the Reading-Berks Junior Soccer League and the Schuylkill County Youth Soccer League.  Reading-Berks currently has numerous levels of play which allow our club to appropriately place each team in their respective skill level to allow all players to play at their level.

Reading-Berks Junior Soccer League (RBJSL)

RBJSL offered age level play for children playing Under-9 thru Under-19.  They offer play at every age level with 3 levels of play: Travel 1, Travel 2, and Travel 3.  "Travel" in this case does not mean traveling across the state.  This is merely a term used to describe the level of play, not the locations.  Teams registered with the RBJSL are issued player passes and play teams from the Reading-Berks area.

Travel 1:  This is the highest competition level.  This is for the players or team that wishes to play at a high level, engage in pre- or post season tournaments and play for a league championship.

Travel 2:  This is the median competition level.  This is for the players or team that wishes to play at a higher level of play than available in the Travel 3 (recreational level), engage in pre- or post season tournaments, and play for a Travel 2 league championship. 

Travel 3:  This is the lowest competition level.  This is for players or team that wish to play at a recreational level with little competitive influence.

Schuylkill County Youth Soccer Association (SCYSA)

SCYSA is a recreational league that provides club teams play within the Under-10, Under-12 and Under-15 age levels.