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BMSC Bylaws




 Blue Mountain Soccer Club

Club By-Laws



Article I

General Provisions


Section 1.  Club Name. The official name of this organization shall be the Blue Mountain Soccer Club, hereinafter referred to as “Blue Mountain SC or BMSC”.


Section 2.  Objectives. “Kids Come First”.  The objective of the BMSC is to provide the best player development experience for our club members so they can reach their maximum potential.  It is assumed that our members desire to play soccer on the high school level or equivalent competitive league level.  To obtain this objective, BMSC aims to instill an environment of enthusiasm and appreciation for the sport of soccer.  It aims to promote good sportsmanship and develop technical, tactical, physical, and psychological components of the game to be a quality soccer player and achieve the desired level of play.   The BMSC believes that a successful player develops both individual skills as well as team skills.  Consequently, our program incorporates the concepts of good sportsmanship, self-control, leadership, commitment to teamwork and team spirit.


Section 3.  Affiliations. The BMSC shall participate in play with the Reading-Berks Junior Soccer League (hereinafter referred to as “RBJSL”) and the Schuylkill County Youth Soccer Association (hereinafter referred to as “SCYSA”).  In addition, the BMSC will follow the rules and guidelines of the governing bodies of the Eastern Pennsylvania Youth Soccer Association (hereinafter referred to as “EPYSA”) who is overseen by the United States Youth Soccer Association (hereinafter referred to as “USYSA”) which is ultimately governed by the United States Soccer Federation (hereinafter known as “USSF”)


Section 4.  Club Colors.  The representative colors of the BSMC shall be royal blue, white, and black.  The travel players’ uniforms shall consist of blue and black shirts, black shorts, and black knee socks.



Section 5. Boundaries & Territories.  The BMSC will focus on players that primarily reside within the Blue Mountain School District.  The District includes the immediate towns of Orwigsburg, Auburn, and Schuylkill Haven.  In addition to, the BMSC will not restrict a player from outside towns to play.



Article II



Section 1. Classes and Qualifications

1.     All players properly registered with the Club shall be considered Members and as such shall have the right to play soccer with the BMSC.  Parents or guardians of the Members shall act as their representatives with the BMSC.


2.     There shall be a class of Members designated as Participating Members.   Participating Members shall mean the Team Coaches, Assistant Coaches, and members of the Board of Directors.  In the event a Team Coach or Assistant Coach is paid for their services, such person shall not be entitled to be a Participating Member or to cast a vote otherwise to be cast by a Participating Member. 

3.     In such event, a majority of the parents of the players (one parent voting per player) on the team which has a paid Team Coach or paid Assistant Coach shall designate a parent of a player on the team to be the Participating Member in place of such paid Team Coach or paid Assistant Coach and to cast the vote otherwise to be cast by such paid Team Coach or paid Assistant Coach.


4.     Such designation shall be effective for the entire season, unless such designated parent fails or is unwilling to fulfill the duties as such designee. 


5.     Membership shall be for a period of one year, concurrent with the seasonal year beginning August 1st through July 31st.  Insurance shall be for the same period.


Section 2. Procedure for Obtaining Membership


  1. Member registration will occur twice per year, once in the December to February time frame (for the spring season) and the other in the April to July time frame (for the fall season).


  1. Member registration will be conducted in one of three ways. On-line registration will occur through the Club website over a period to be determined by the Executive Board. Walk-in registration will occur at a place, time and date to be determined by the Executive Board. Mail-in registration will occur over a period to be determined by the Executive Board. The Executive Board shall notify the members of all registration details in a timely manner.


  1. Each application for membership shall be in a form approved by the Executive Board and shall provide that the applicant agrees to abide by the Constitution, By-Laws, and Rules and Regulations of this Club, as well as the EPYSA.


Section 3. Recommendation of Procedures, Rules and Fees


1.    The Executive Board shall annually recommend to the membership the procedures, rules and fees required for enrollment in the Club.





Article III

Voting Rights & Meetings


Section 1.  Definition of Voting Members

1.      Voting members shall consist of the Executive Board and registered coaches or assistant coaches representing the registered team within the BMSC for the seasonal year (August 1st to July 31st) who has attended seven (7) of the last nine (9) consecutive meetings.






Section 2. Voting Rights


1.      Each registered team within the BMSC will receive 1 vote per team on each matter submitted to the general participating membership for consideration.  This vote may be placed by either the head coach or assistant coach who has filed their coaching application with the BMSC for the current seasonal year.


2.     The majority vote of the participating members of registered teams will be considered as one (1) vote when the Executive Board members place final votes on matter.


  1. Board of Directors shall be elected by a simple majority of the participating members present at the fall general meeting.


  1. A quorum shall be formed with fifty percent plus one of the Board members present.  No voting will take place if a quorum is not present.


  1. Voting at all meetings will be in person with raising of hands excluding the election of Board members at annual fall meeting.  Election of Board will be done by private ballot of participating members present at annual meeting.  No proxy vote will be permitted.


  1. Changes to the by-laws must be presented to the Board of Directors for reading at the two (2) monthly club meetings prior to the annual meeting in November.  A vote shall be placed after the 3rd and final reading during that annual meeting.


  1. Voting for the by-laws at a general meeting will require a 2/3 approval of the Executive Board to become official.  All other voting will require a simple majority.


Section 3. Membership Meetings


1.     Annual Meeting.  The seasonal year within the BMSC will run from August 1st  to July 31st.  This seasonal year will coincide with the EPYSA seasonal rosters and insurance.  This will include fall and spring seasons.  Within the seasonal year, there will be an annual general membership meeting.  The meeting shall be held in the month of November of each year.  During the Annual Meeting, Voting Members shall have the right to vote on the following matters only: election of the BMSC Board of Directors and Officers; approval of the annual budget proposed by the BMSC Board; approval of any amendments to the Bylaws that may be proposed by the BMSC Board; and other issues that may be properly brought before the membership for consideration.  Voting on all other matters is expressly reserved for the BMSC Board of Directors.


1a.   Special Meetings.  Special meetings of the members can be called by any of the following ways:

                                           ii.     The President

                                         iii.     At least ½ of the officers

                                         iv.     At least ½ of the current club coaches

                                           v.     By no less than (50) fifty club members which must petition the board, in writing, for the special meeting


1b.  General Club Meetings.  Regular Monthly Club meetings of the board shall be held on the third Monday of the each month following the RBJSL and SCYSA league meetings each month.  Meetings shall not be held on legal business holidays


2.    Quorum.  To constitute a quorum at a monthly club meeting the Board must have a majority vote.  The act of the majority of those Board members present will be an act of the whole board, unless a greater number is required under another provision of these bylaws.


3.    Rules.  Robert’s Rules of Order shall guide the proceedings at any meeting of the Members, provided however, any failure to follow Robert’s Rule of Order shall not invalidate any action taken at such meetings. At any members meeting, there will be a specific order of business conducted which includes:

                                               i.     Call to Order

                                             ii.     Read & Accept Minutes

                                           iii.     Reports

a.     Secretary

b.     Committees  (registration, publicity, etc)

c.     Other

d.     President

                                            iv.     Unfinished Business

                                             v.     Proposals of by-law changes

                                            vi.     Election of Officers  (October meeting)

                                          vii.     New Business

                                        viii.     Adjournment



Article IV

Board of Directors/Officers



1.     The Board of Directors will consist of the following positions:

                                               i.     President  - elected odd years

                                             ii.     Vice President/Director of Coaching - elected even years

                                           iii.     Vice President/Director of Fields – elected odd years

                                            iv.     Treasurer –elected even years

                                             v.     Secretary –elected even years

                                            vi.     Registrar – elected odd years

                                          vii.     Director of Developmental Soccer – elected odd years


2.     Defined as a group of persons vested with the management of the business and affairs of the club subject to the law and these bylaws

3.     The Board will be constituted as a single class

4.     Each Officer shall serve for a term of 2 year and may be re-elected to that office.

5.     All officers shall serve without pay.  At no time may any officer or member of the BMSC withdraw any money from the BMSC except for those expenditures authorized by the Board of Directors to promote the purpose of the BMSC.

6.     Any officer who misses three (3) consecutive meetings without notifying the President shall be considered to have resigned and the Board of Directors may appoint an interim officer.

7.     Any vacancy in an Officer position shall be filled by a majority of the Board of Directors and such person so appointed shall serve in such Officer position until the next annual meeting of Participating Members.

8.     Election of Officers will be elected by the registered participating members of the club

9.     Nominating Committee - Prior to the annual November annual meeting, a nominating committee will be formed in August that consists of 3 to 5 members.  The committee will nominate people to fill position.  The committee shall report to the Board of Directors in September.

10.  At the annual November membership meeting, additional nominations will be permitted from the floor before the nominations are closed for elections.

11.  Election of Officers shall be conducted by ballot.  No proxy vote will be permitted.  The term of the new officers will start at the close of the annual November meeting.

12.  All Board Members whose terms are expiring must be willing to transition official responsibilities and remain in reserve service if needed until December 31st.

13.  No officer can hold more than one office at a time unless the Board of Directors votes with 2/3 approval.

14.  Resignations of officers shall become effective immediately unless specified

15.  Any vacancies in the Board shall be filled by elections by the Board.  New Officer shall be appointed to serve the unexpired term of the predecessor in office.

16.  Removal of officer from office and/or Board of Directors must be done with a ¾ majority of the board.  Any removal from office must be held at a board meeting.  The President will vote as any other board member.





Article V

Duties of the Officers


1.      Officers of the BMSC will perform their duties prescribed by the club’s bylaws



1.     Conduct the general meetings and the meetings of the executive board

2.     Shall vote at executive board meetings only in the event of a tie except where otherwise provided in the club’s bylaws.

3.     Shall appoint a member(s) with the approval of the Board, to act as members of the standing committees, and/or chairpersons.

4.     Shall create Special Committees as may become necessary for the good of BMSC and shall appoint a member(s) with the approval of the Board, to act as members of the Special Committee, and/or chairpersons.

5.     Shall be an ex-officio member of all standing committees.




Vice President

1.     Preside at the meetings of the executive board in absence of the president

2.     Shall serve as club representative at all RBJSL monthly meetings and shall coordinate the club’s participation in the RBJSL program



1.     Shall keep an accurate record of all meetings, handle all correspondence, give notice of meetings, and supervise the maintenance of the files and records of the club.

2.     Shall be responsible for arranging meeting time and place for all board meetings and the general meetings.



1.     Shall give a receipt for all monies which shall be deposited in a recognized banking institution in the name of the club

2.     All accounts shall be paid by a club check and shall bear the signature of the club treasurer and a secondary signature from another Board member.

3.     No signature will be allowed on a check unless the payee and the amount have been inscribed.

4.     The receipt book and vouchers shall be produced when required or requested by the Board.

5.     The receipt book shall be properly balanced according to the bank book and statements.



1.     Shall chair registration committee

2.     Shall serve as alternate representative to the RBJSL and/or SCYSA meetings

3.     Shall coordinate registration of players for club teams participating in RBJSL and SCYSA Leagues


Director of Coaching

1.     Responsible for evaluating existing coaches

2.     Act as coaches liaison to the BMSC

3.     To be responsible for recruitment of new coaches for upcoming season(s)

4.     Discover tools and/or coaching clinics to assist in educating new and/or current coaches

5.     To act as chairperson of the “coach selection and assignment committees” which shall be comprised of at least the Director of Coaching, the President and Player Development Officer (PDO).





Director of Fields

1.     Shall coordinate the painting of lines, placement and storage of nets and flags, and any other activity required to provide sufficient number of safe and playable fields for all home games.

2.     Shall also act as the club’s liaison to the following community organizations:

                                               i.     Auburn Memorial Park Commission

                                             ii.     Blue Mountain Recreation Commission

                                           iii.     West Brunswick Township

3.     Shall have open communication as liaison to any other organization or entity which owns the fields upon which the club’s home games are conducted


Director of Developmental Soccer

1.     Shall be responsible for creating an acceptable program, as approved by the board, to provide for the registering of all players under the age of 8, who are affiliated with the club.

2.     Will be responsible for coordinating all team selection, scheduling, training, coaches, games and other matters associated with developmental program.  

3.     Shall be authorized to participate in any smaller league or organization to facilitate the club’s program and to further provide for the insurance of all such players and participants in the program.



Article VI



Registration Committee

1.     Shall be a permanent committee of the club

2.     The committee will oversee the player registrations during each season

3.     The committee shall be made of the following people:

                                               i.     Registrar

                                             ii.     League Representative

                                           iii.     (3) voting members appointed by the President

4.     The committee shall designate in each and every seasonal year the date of the fall and spring player registrations of the club.


Publicity Committee

1.     Shall be responsible for all publicity and public relations for the club.

2.     Shall coordinate all drives for attracting new members and players to the club.

3.     The committee shall consist of chairperson and (3) voting members that shall be appointed by the President



Property & Field Committee

1.     Considered a permanent standing committee

2.     Chaired by the Director of Fields, it shall consist of 4 voting members selected by the President

3.     The responsibilities of the committee include:

                                               i.     Acting as a purchasing agent for the club

                                             ii.     Maintaining inventory control of club property

                                           iii.     Plan for and recommend future playing sites

                                            iv.     Maintain conditions of field and prep home field(s) to play


Disciplinary Committee

1.     This committee shall consist of the board of directors and chaired by the President of the club.

2.     The committee is needed when considering matters concerning discipline within the club

3.     They shall decide what action, if any, shall be taken.

4.     Shall stay informed of any disciplinary matters involving club members within the RBJSL and SCYSA leagues.

5.     Shall decide if the club should intervene on behalf of its members and implement any such intervention


Finance Committee

1.     Considered a permanent standing committee of (4) voting members selected by the President and chaired by the Treasurer.

2.     Responsibilities of the committee includes:

a.     Insure that the Treasurer is bonded by a reputable bonding agency at the expense of the club.

b.     The committee shall secure and maintain the tax exempt status of the club.

c.     Shall prepare the tax returns for the club.

d.     Prepare and submit the operating budget of the club.

e.     Shall be asked to report the financial status of the club at the general meeting.

f.      Shall present the Treasurer’s Report at each board meeting.

g.     Shall coordinate and secure board approval for all fundraising activities.


Note:  Any committee member elected or appointed to a said committee may be removed from that position by 3/4th of the vote of the Board.



Article VII

Disciplinary Actions


1.     Board will listen to any irregular discipline of any club member including players, parents, and coaches.

2.     The person will be notified in advance, in writing, by the secretary.

3.     The accused person shall be provided a copy of the written complaint against them.

4.     The person shall be invited to be present at the meeting at which their case will be read to the members.

5.     The accused shall be allowed to hear charges and present their side; after which they shall be asked to leave the meeting to allow the board to make its determination.

6.     Notification of the decision of the Board shall be forwarded in writing to the accused by the secretary of the club.

7.     All decisions by the Board are final.


Article VIII




1.     The formed registration committee shall be responsible for setting the dates, times, and place(s) for registration for each season.

2.     The committee shall conform to all rules, regulations, and requirements of RBJSL, SCYSA, EPYSA, USYSA, and USSF.

3.     The form used for registering players with the club as designated by the Board shall be submitted to the registration committee along with a copy of the birth certificate of the individual player and a recent picture of the registered player.

4.     Registration fees are considered non-refundable once player has been placed on a team or designated deadline has been reached.

5.     All bank checks, drafts, and/or money orders given to the club shall be made payable to “Blue Mountain Soccer Club”.

6.     These players for which no birth certificate exist or can be found may, at the discretion of the board as in compliance with the requirements of RBJSL, SCYSA, EPYSA, the USYSA, and the USSF, submit another document which supports the age or date of birth of said player as permitted by the aforementioned organizations.

7.     At the time of registration, all parents or legal guardian(s), must complete medical release forms and travel permits as required.  Any player whose parents or guardians refuse to do so, will not be permitted to play.

8.     The registration committee shall create and maintain a file of all registered players, past and present.  The said file shall be semi-permanent and maintained on each player until the said player’s nineteenth (19) birthday has occurred or unless the registration committee knows with certainty that the individual shall never play with the club again; their eligibility has expired; or they have moved outside the area.



Article IX

Team Structure & Appointment of Coaches


1.     The Board shall have the authority by simple majority vote to determine each year, how many teams the club will field

2.     Co-ed In-house teams shall be organized in age groups from U-5 through U-8 or other combinations as determined by the Board.  The BMSC Board shall select the best qualified Team Coaches available to BMSC.  The selected in-house coaches will create their teams at a designated Coaches Meeting and follow the open draft form set forth by the BMSC’s Club Rules and Regulations.

3.     In the travel program(s), the BMSC will strive to form teams at each age group from U-9 to U19 for both boys and girls.  The number of teams is dependent on the number of participants that register for the program. 

4.     At the U9 and U10 age group(s), the club will strive to expand the number of teams in order to ensure enough travel participants at the U11 group when teams expand from small sided play (7 field players) to large field play (11 field players). 

5.     The club may also reduce the number of teams based on available field resources, lack of participation or change in club policy.


Selection of Team Coaches

1.     Team Coach shall mean a person registered with the BMSC as a Team Coach.

2.     The Team Coach shall be the primary coach of any In-House or Travel team and shall serve for a term of one year.

3.     The Assistant Coach shall mean a person registered with The Club as an Assistant Coach.  The Assistant Coach shall be the assistant of the Team Coach of any In-House or Travel team and shall serve for a term of one year.  Each Travel team shall be limited to one Team Coach and two Assistant Coaches or as specified by the RBJSL or SCYSA.  Each In-House team shall be limited to one Team Coach and one Assistant Coach.

4.     The Board shall have the authority by simple majority vote to select coaches based upon their completion of coaches’ application and compatibility with the objectives of the BMSC.

5.     Coaches may also be removed by majority vote as the result of a violation of the BMSC rules or, of bylaws, or for acts of conducts that the Board may deem disorderly, injurious, or hostile to the interests or objectives of the BMSC.

6.     The Board must give notice to such offending Coach of the proceedings against him or she and he or she is provided an opportunity to be heard in their own defense.


Article X

Authorities and Responsibilities


1.     The rules contained herein shall govern all of the members of this club in every case to which they are applicable; and further, to the extent that they are not deemed to be inconsistent with the bylaws of any of the affiliated associations.

2.     All members shall be responsible for their actions within the framework of the club.  All members of the club shall abide by all of the bylaws of the club, the RBJSL and SCYSCA, EPYSA, USYSA and USSF.

3.     Each coach, manager, team assistant, and parent shall be responsible for their own conduct and the conduct of their respective teams.  They shall also insure that the actions of their members on or off the field shall not be disrespect upon the club.

4.     Falsification of any records shall be grounds for expulsion from the club, barring all future participation within the club.

5.     A plea of ignorance of the bylaws of the club shall not constitute a sufficient excuse and violators shall expect appropriate action by the board.  Upon request, copies of these bylaws shall be furnished at cost.

6.     Any parent or guardian of any registered player with the club who repeatedly fails to comply with or abide by the rulings of the board or the bylaws of the club, RBJSL, SCYSCA, EPYSA, USYSA, and/or USSF shall be deemed to have given the club good cause to disassociate itself with said parent(s) and any children of said parent(s) registered as players with the club.  All fees and dues already paid to the club shall be deemed forfeited.

7.     The provisions shall also apply to all individuals associated with the club.


Article XI

Financial Responsibilities


1.     All debts or financial responsibilities of the club authorized by the club budget may be paid by the club’s check at the discretion of the treasurer.

2.     The club will not be liable for the unbudgeted debts and/or the financial responsibilities, either implied or incurred of any player, coach, manager, team assistant, member, or official of the club amounting to more than twenty-five dollars ($25) without prior written authorization from the board.


Article XII

Liability Protection


1.     All officers, board members, and officials of the club shall be insured from personal liability claims against the club or its members, for performing acts and duties directly related to the work of the club.

2.     Liability protection as stated above shall be provided through the club’s affiliation with the RBJSL, SCYSA, EPYSA, USYSA, or USSF or at the expense of the club alone.



Article XIII



Upon dissolution, all of the club’s assets remaining after payment of its debts, expenses of such dissolution, and all liabilities of the organization, shall be distributed in a manner provided by a resolution of the majority of the board as provided by law to such organization organized and operated exclusively for charitable, educational, religious, or scientific purposes as shall at the time qualify as an exempt organization.






The ratification and signature(s) of the Club President and Secretary of the Blue Mountain Soccer Club Executive Board shall be sufficient for the establishment of the Bylaws.  IN WITNESS THEREOF, we have hereunto subscribed our names this 20th day of July, 2009.





            __________________________                                            _________________________

            Geoffrey R. Bogotuik, President                                            Thomas Cassidy, Secretary

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Blue Mountain Soccer Club

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