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West End Reds


  President-  Larry Collins

Vice President- William Patton

                                    Treasurer- Shanel Gentry                                      


Sergeant of Arms- Antonio Jones

Secretary- Jessica Bass   

 Head of Parent Committee- Jessica Baker


             Special Advisor- Chris Griffin

Head Coach Recruiter / Coordinator-Fred Carnes 

Coaching Staff

Coach Larry Collins
Coach Larry is currently President / Coach of the West End Reds. Coach Larry is a longtime West End resident with 7 years of coaching experience. Started out coaching 9U with the Avondale Indians Organization under Coach Dickey. There Coach Larry learned the importance of teaching and being a mentor to the young men in the community.  When joining the West End Reds Larry had been an Assistant Coach with Chris Griffin. Larry has coached all levels of recreational baseball from Tee ball to 12U.  As President he has been committed to building a competitive  and winning program. Under his presidency he has seen at least each team reach the championship games, numerous teams receive # 1 seeds for tournament, and the rebirth of softball. Coach Larry believes that it is important to not only develop the youth as baseball/softball players but model citizens for the community by helping to develop / enhancing  their leadership skills,  self discipline, and work ethic.

Coach Chris Griffin
Currently a 30 year West End resident with 8 years of coaching experience with the West End Reds.  Coach Griffin has two sons Arlando and Aiden who are apart of the organization. Coach Griffin fell in love with baseball at and early age, coming up through the West End Pirates Organization under the tutelage of Coach Mike Daniels Sr. That is where he learned the basic fundamentals of baseball and more. He started as a tee ball coach where he was able to take the same team to 7u, 8u and 9u championship games.  Finally winning a championship at 9u. Coach Griffin then decided to take on the task of girls softball.  Coach Griffin's knowledge and competitive spirit is what defined by he coaching style. Coach Chris Griffin loves coaching both baseball and softball as well as continuing to focus on making a stronger community of ball player in the West End Community. 

Coach J.B. 
Hello I am coach J.B. I would say that my coaching style would be development of players into great teammates. I like to get to know each player inside / out to help build them into not just a great individual but also an all around team player that works as part of a unit. 
Coaching Experience: Assistant Coach for 3 Years. Coach J.B. has coached machine pitch/ Coach Pitch and 8U. Coach J.B has two players who has played in the West End Reds Organization (Tin Man , and Shoe Shoe). Coach J.B.  firmly believe that every season can be a successful season by simply staying on course. Coaching Philosophy-The desire to win, to get better, and to believe in each other is something that he push all of my players to feel in all things that they do. A love for the game and a respect for teammates can make any group of young athlete reach goals that seemed once impossible.

Coach J. Griffin 
Coach Griffin is a Life Long Resident of the West End community. Coach Griffin has coach the Lady Reds 12U softball team. Coach J has been coaching with the West End Organization for 3 years. He knows the game of baseball but more importantly he loves the games of baseball. Coach J played multiple positions growing up before settling for outfield through high school. 
Coaching Expertise: Coach J is experienced in teaching the proper mechanics and fundamentals of baseball / softball.  Coach J believes teaching the proper mechanics and the right way of doing things is important in everything we do but because our girls in the inner city pick up baseball/ softball a little later being able to teach them proper mechanics goes a long way once we start teaching them the game.
Coach J's goal is to introduce and teach as many inner city girls the game of softball with hopes that they will fall in love with the game just as he has done. Coach J focuses on embracing the process of growth, which entails the need to focus on how to get better every day in order to succeed later.

Coach Slugg
Hello my name is Antonio Jones the Current Sgt. at Arms for the Westend Reds Organization, but to my fellow coaches and players I am Coach Slugg. I am a hard nose, straight up in your face type of coach. I coach all of my players the same, trying to get them ready for the next level (jr. and sr high school). I teach them all that LIFE is NOT  just about playing ball and having fun, we will have fun but I teach them to be Student Athletes 1st because they are STUDENTS 1st then ATHLETES!!
My accolades speaks for themselves I have coached both young men and young women, I coach them both the same way I teach  them to Work Hard, RESPECT themselves and Each other at all times and to definitely RESPECT our parents and other coaches! I teach them that win, lose, or draw we do it as a TEAM. I treat them as if they were my own kids out there. You may hear Coach SLUGG Yell, scream and/holler at the players but it is all done out of LOVE. With that being said I and my other Coaches are here to COACH not babysit!!!! I instill in my players that it is very good to win; but we not always win and every game is NOT the end of the world! We have to Play/Work Hard and leave it all out there on the field! I have coached football for the better part of 10yrs, did a lot of great things with that group, bc they “Bought In to system that was different! I have Head coached with eve Westend Reds for about 5yrs now, T-Ball, coaches/Machine pitch, 8U, 9U, and now 10U. My coaching expertise would be “Reach One- Teach One” if I can reach jus one of my players soul’s that has the same life of this game like I and my right hand Assistant Coach JB, he will inspire his/her fellow teammates, push them and ignite that fire and passion they didn’t even knew existed inside and become that’s “next man up kind of player” as we call it. Help them get out of that “middle of the pack” player mentality. Don’t jus think that your Other teammates will pick up the slack, don’t jus be here for the end of the year trophy be here to push yourself and at the end of the day become better for yourself and your team, and Always remember “If You Believe It You Can Achieve It”!!!!!  

Coach Mike Lockhart
My Name is Coach Mike. I have been a coach with the West End Reds for 7 years. My 8U team won a championship in 2018. My coaching style is all about getting players to give their full effort, commitment, and having a passion to win and play baseball.

Coach Roni
Bio under construction

Coach Will

Current Vice President of the West End Reds and a Navy Veteran. Will Patton is active in the the community, he is the 7-8 grade Head Coach for the Withrow High School Tigers Wrestling Team, Assistant Head Coach for the Varsity Wrestling Team, Defensive coordinator for football 7-8 grade also for Withrow High School, Assistant Head Coach for the Reds 12U R.B.I. team and Head Coach for the West End Reds. He has been coaching for almost 4 decades. The reason why he coaches is to give back what was given to him by previous coaches, he also loves bringing out the best in the youth and they also bring out the best in him. Will Patton's Coaching Philosophy- to take time to think about the example you set and how you can be a better role model for the youth so that they can grow up and be the best role model for their youth.

Coach Monica Brown
My name is Monica Brown I’m 30 years I am huge softball lover. I grew up in a softball house hold. Both my parents played on traveling softball teams and both were pretty amazing. I had an advantage of learning the skill early. my parents was working with me before I was old enough to join a t-ball team. Once I was old enough, I played t-ball then went straight to a fast pitch team. I played pretty much every position but grew to love 3rd base. By me being a left hander I fell like I had to put in more work than the average person. My coaches made me work hard for that position and I did just that. I also won a gold trophy in a home run derby contest at the age of 14.

my coaching expertise is to provide children with a loving safe environment, build up their confidence and mentor them in the process.  I can easily recognize each child’s individual strengths. Being that I’m an all around player I encourage and build off the children’s strongest areas to help build their confidence level up so they feel great doing what they do.

My expertise addresses their problems and goals by teaching the rules of softball and discipline. This can help children with everyday life rather than playing with others. They can learn to become team players, follow directions, take orders and etc. I know that all things are hard at first but with practice and perseverance it gets easier and they are capable of doing anything they put they mind to.

Coach Shay
I am Coach Shay. I am 25 years old and have been playing softball for as long as i can remember! From t-ball, summer recreational, Reds RBI, to ending my career playing varsity high school ball. I’m capable of playing any position but if you put me in Center Field, I’m catching anything flying!
My coaching expertise Is to focus on the basic fundamentals and skills of softball while having fun in a safe environment. I try to create a comfortable, safe place for my team to express themselves while enjoying the game we all love! My main focuses are working hard, communicating, and over all team work. I want my team to understand that each player is important to the game and nothing can be accomplished without teamwork. Communicating with your team on and off the field helps build individual character and help everyone come together as a whole. I encourage my team to always play hard and to challenge themselves  to get better every game. During my softball career I’ve learned that Mistakes are going to happen, but if you play hard and make up for your mistake you will always come out on top. Lastly, i strive to create a sisterhood between my players and force them to build a bond that’s unable to be broken and a force that’s unable to be stopped on the field and even when they step off of it. I’m committed to coaching so that i can give my team confidence and support to follow their dreams, achieve their goals, and to love the game of softball to their full potential!

Coach Jamie Smith

My name is Jamie Smith Sr, I’m a God-fearing Husband and father of 4 children, I started playing baseball at around 7 years old and really took a liking to the sport. As time went on and I began to have children of my own I began pushing them in the direction towards baseball. This is where I started coaching baseball in spring of 2015 with the West End Reds. My daughter played a couple years of softball before moving on to other things, and my oldest son played for me when I began coaching. He will be moving on to play with The Cincinnati Reds RBI this spring. My 2 younger sons have really taken a liking to soccer and are doing very well in the sport.

One thing I would like to note about my coaching strategy is I’m a little old school, this meaning I can be loud and expect perfection. I like to push my players to reach their full potential and give it 100% all the time. I believe that pushing the kids to reach their full potential with positive reinforcement awakens something inside themselves to always keep on striving and pushing forward, this sport is almost all mental, it takes planning and strategy to win. Baseball is much like life; you can still win even if you make mistakes.  You dust your self off and keep playing.

“I swing with everything I’ve got. I hit big or miss big. I like to live as big as I can”-Babe Ruth

Coach Dave Muchmore
Bio under construction

Coach Shawn
My name is Shawn Moak. I have been a coach with the West End Reds for 5 years. I was recruited by Larry to join the organization after hearing about baseball happening in the West End and wanting to give back to the game I love. My coaching expertise is in pitching, skills in the infield, and thorough knowledge of the game of baseball.  I highly inspire a good stance on sportsmanship for the sake of professionalism in baseball and life off the field. My expertise encourages growth and precision of the skills for the kids to excel in athletics for their future. 

Coach Fred Carnes
My name is coach Fred Carnes and I live in the West End, I've been coaching assorted sports/or 31 years. I started coaching in the West End in 1993 as a Tee ball coach at the West End YMCA with the West End Cobras, that same year I started coaching football at the Findlay Street Neighborhood House with Findlay Street Wildcats, in 1996 I left the YMCA and started Findlay Street Wildcat youth baseball program. My focus was to target at risk youth to get them off the street and use the diamond as a platform to promote academics, citizenship, social skills team work, community responsibility and of course baseball. In 2002 I started our first select team,/ had the players pick between two names the Diamondbacks or Reds that's the year our senior team became the West End Red, in 2004 we decided to name the whole club West End Reds and the rest is history. I've coached baseball/or 31 years from Tee ball to A-ball, I specialize in fielding, pitching, catching and base running. I've also managed a Knothole baseball district as a supervisor and also managed the Urban Girl's softball league, one of the things I implemented was the club format of hosting another organization at your field plus 2 other clubs in order to sale concession to raise money for your club. I coached football for 12 years as a offensive coordinator and 3 as a head coach. I also managed the Findlay Neighborhood house basketball program.
By using my years of expertise I can recognize youth that need someone's ear one of my pet peeves is to insure that our youth not only have a coach but also a mentor to help them deal with the stress that so many of our youth face today. II also use my expertise to help parents realize the skills that their youth have and the dynamics of today's game of baseball. I've also used my expertise to help younger coaches to understand the importance of the role they play not only as a coach but also as a leader in the community.

Coach Ford
Bio under construction


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