Travel Tryout Communications (2020/2021)

SAC has decided to set up a 'Travel Tryout Pre-registration' program for the purposes of: (1) opening direct lines of communications about upcoming Travel tryouts, and (2) to be better prepared for the numbers attending.

If you would like to receive communications about the upcoming Travel tryouts, please sign up by registering for the program below.

For the 2020/2021 season, each Travel age group will hold one night of supplemental tryouts, except for U8 (2013) and U9 (2012) who will hold two nights of supplemental tryouts.

Additionally, specific tryout details (date/time/locations) can be found, by age group, within the Travel/Pre-Academy Tryout section of the SAC website ( It is the primary responsibility of the player/parent to frequent that page for tryout details specific to their age group. Any and all changes to the current schedule will be updated there in real time.

Travel Tryout Pre-registration

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