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Every child deserves a chance to play baseball!


Q: How is the game played?

A: The Miracle League is a National 501(c)3 non-profit organization providing children and adults with disabilities, regardless of their ability, the opportunity to play baseball.  Each player dresses in an official uniform, makes plays in the field, and rounds the bases just like their peers. 

  • Each Player gets to bat in each inning. 
  • Each Player circles the bases and scores each inning.
  • Each game ends in a tie.

Q: Where is Miracle League of Santa Rosa County located?

A:  The field began construction November 8th of 2018 at Tiger Point Park of Santa Rosa County

1385 Tiger Lake Drive, Gulf Breeze, FL 32563.

Q: When will the field be ready for play?

A: Opening day will be Saturday, April 27, 2019

Q: Do I have to live in Santa Rosa County in order to play?

A:  No, we welcome all players from all communities near or far.

Q: How old does my child or adult have to be to play?

A: Our minimum age is 4. 

Q: What happens if we have bad weather?

A:  The Miracle League of Santa Rosa County will notify the league via the website and with a Facebook post if a game is cancelled. Our policy is to have this online 90 minutes before the game. Games that get cancelled due to weather will not be rescheduled. Coaches will notify the parents and players.  I understand there can be frustration with the games being cancelled due to the weather. All of the players are disappointed when there are rain outs. Please know that we put a lot of thought into making the decision to cancel games. Our number one priority is the safety of the kids!!!

Q: When does the baseball season begin and end?

A: The 2019 season is divided into two segments: spring and fall. The spring season will begin April 27 and will run for eight weeks. We will then break time during the hot summer months and resume play in the fall.  Fall dates will be announced.

Q: Will adults and children be playing each other?

A: Adults will play on Friday night (starting 2 6 PM)  and children ages four through 17 will play on Saturday morning.9 starting @ 9 PM)

Q: Can my child play with his friend on the same team?

A: In order to help parents with transportation and comfort levels of players, we will do our best to honor  requests where possible. Since we are not a competitive league we simply want to make each player’s experience as positive as we can while still keeping the balance between teams.

Q: Will my child be safe on the field?

A: Each player will have an assigned buddy who will be trained in protecting the players at all time.   Coaches, assistant coaches and team moms add another layer of protection and safety.

Q: Are parents allowed on the field?

A: Miracle league would love to get the parents to be able to sit in the bleachers and cheer just like any other parent. In very special circumstances a parent may choose to  be the buddy for his or her  child.


Q: Do you volunteers need a background check?

A: Yes, and must be completed by the SRC Parks & Recreation Department. Checks are good for one calendar year. Go Here for Background check process

Q: What if I already have a background check?

A: If you already have this background check through Santa Rosa County Parks and Recreation you will not need to repeat it. If you have a background check clearance from your job or other volunteer work it will not transfer.

Q: What Age do I need to be to volunteer

A: You need to be in sixth grade or older

Q: What type of training is required to be a MLSRC volunteer?

A: We would like all volunteers to view the volunteer training video on our website. We would also like for you to review the qualifications and expectations of volunteers that are on our volunteer page. Additionally, buddies and other volunteers will be briefed directly before each game.

Q: If I volunteer, do I need to commit to every game of the season?

A: The MLSRC is all about building relationships. If it is possible for you to volunteer every week, we welcome you. Our volunteer system will  also accommodate people who can only volunteer on random weekends. There will be a volunteer sign-up page on our website before opening day. Volunteers will be asked to sign up the week before. Volunteer sign-up software and procedures are currently evolving. Watch for directions on the homepage.

Q: Are volunteers required to wear special clothing?

A:MLSRC buddies and other volunteers will be given yellow t -shirts that ID them as buddie


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