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GOYFC Junior League

Proposed Greater Ohio Junior Football Conference (GOJFC)

We will follow all Ohio High School Athletic Association playing rules except for the following:

Practice and Coaching

  • Practice may begin last Monday in July (22nd) or later for all league teams.
  • Until that time no mandatory practices or installation of play(s) can be engaged in.
  •  All organizations must respect a five-day acclimatization period during the first five days of practice. 
  •  All athletes joining the team for the first time at any point during the season after the first day permitted for coaching also must participate in a five-day acclimatization period prior to any contact drills. There must be an adequate recovery period between practice sessions.
  •  During practices within the acclimatization period, players may wear helmets only on the first two days. On days three and four, helmets and shoulder pads are allowed. From day five onward, full pads are allowed. Prior to the sixth day of practice no full contact is permitted. During the first five days of practice, athletes may engage in conditioning, speed, strength and agility drills and may use “dummies” for drills and walk-throughs.
  •  Scrimmages/Games can take place after 8 practices have been conducted.


Conducting Practice Sessions

  • When temperatures are 84 degrees or higher, temperature and humidity readings shall be taken at the site (30) minutes prior to the start of activity.
  • The temperature and humidity shall be factored into the Heat Index Calculation and Chart and a determination made as to the Heat Index. If schools are utilizing a digital sling psychrometer that calculates the Heat Index, that number may be used to apply to the table.
  •  If a reading is determined whereby activity is to be decreased (above 95 degrees Heat Index), then re-readings are required every thirty (30) minutes to determine if further activity should be eliminated or preventative steps taken, or if an increased level of activity.


Game Play

  • Maximum length of each quarter is ten (10) minutes.
  • Overtime Procedure: When a tie occurs at the end of regulation time, the game will be continued with the following overtime procedures.  A coin toss will be held with visiting team calling it.  The ball will be placed 20-yard line and each team given the opportunity to possess the ball and score.  If the score is tied at the end of the first overtime, the process will be repeated until a winner is declared.
  •  Running Clock- After the first half of regular season, any time the score differential reaches 30 points or more, a running clock shall be used. After the 30-point differential has been met but the score drops below 30 points, the clock reverts to regular timing.


Game Ball (Must be leather)

  • Wilson Football – TDY
  •  Nike Football – Youth football Size 8
  •  Under Armour – Youth football Size 8


Ejection for Unsporting Conduct
Any student or coach ejected or disqualified for unsporting conduct or a flagrant foul shall be ineligible for all football contests for the remainder of that day. In addition, he/she shall be ineligible for the following league game.

Player Eligibility

  • Players that are 12 years of age are eligible to play. If the student-athlete is 13 years of age, they are eligible as long as they turn 14 after November 8th
  • No 8th graders are permitted on a team. If a player is held back they are considered an 8th grader and there for not eligible to play in the GOJFC
  •  6th grade players are permitted to play up as long as they are 11 years of age or older
  •  All players must have a sports physical
  •  All players must have a state ID card

Point After Touchdown Scoring (PAT)

  • 1 point awarded for running or passing a point after touchdown conversion
  • 2 points awarded for kicking a successful attempt


  • All punts are live


  • No kickoffs.  Upon receiving the ball after an opponent’s score the ball is placed on their 35 yards line.  
  • Regarding safeties the team achieving the safety shall get the ball back on their 45 yard line.


  • Each team will be required to have a completed roster at each game
  • The roster will consist of the player’s names, player’s number, and date of birth.  A standard form will be provided.
  •  A team book will be needed that will contain a report card with player’s name, copy of player’s birth certificate, picture of the player with their respective jersey number on, their state ID card, and sports physical form
  •  Failure to comply will prohibit the offending player(s) from competing in that contest


  • There will a minimum of 4 referees per game.
  • Each referee will be paid $45 per game our league hosts

Insurance Coverage 

  • Each participating team will need to have insurance coverage.  Coverage minimums should be:
  • $100,000 Accident
  •  $1,000,000 General Liability
  •  Proof of insurance will need to be included in the team book and a copy provided to board for each team

Background Checks

  • All coaches must pass an annual background check
  • Background checks will be performed league wide by a third party, link will be provided

Roster Verification

  • There will be 2 dates prior to the start of the season to review and verify player eligibility
  • Dates TBD for player verification, no player can be added after this date
  •  All players must be present at either of the 2 dates, failure to appear will disqualify a player for that season
  •  At the Roster Verification each team for each player must present
  •  Picture with player in jersey with number visible that corresponds to their roster number
  •  Copy of report card with grade exiting or entering with school year visible
  •  Copy of birth certificate
  •  State ID card
  •  Copy of Sports Physical Form, indicating clearance to play

Governing Board 

  • Intended purpose to oversee operation, planning, and adherence & enforcement of league rules
  • President, Vice President and Secretary Positions with representation from every participating organization, terms of service 2 years.  
  •  Each organization will receive a vote.


Game Rules
GOJFC will follow all rules outlined by OSHA for middle school football unless otherwise provided

Host Team

  • Each organization maybe required to host a day of games.  All games will be played at one location for those that have scheduled league games
  • The host team will be responsible for securing a regulation football field (preferably a stadium), with working restrooms, and concessions at their discretion
  •  The host team will / can collect gate fees and concessions and will be responsible for paying the referees for the games. The referees will be assigned by the league.
  •  Admission Fees are the following:
    • $6 – Adults
    •  $5 - Senior Citizens (55 and up)
    •  $3 - Students - ages 6-18
    •  $0 - Kids 5 and under

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