Ground Rules



  1. The current official Little League, Intermediate 50/70, Junior League, and Senior League rules and regulations shall govern tournament play except as noted in any Tournament rule amendments. 
  2. All players, managers, coaches, and umpires must stay within the fenced area of the playing field after the game starts except for restroom visits. 
  3. The players, managers, and coaches ONLY will be allowed on the Texas West State Tournament fields and will remain in the dugout at all times as noted in the Little League Tournament Rules. 
  4. Little League Rule 3.09 prohibits spectators from interacting with players, coaches, managers, or umpires during play. This rule will be enforced. 
  5. Umpires are instructed to give ear to any request for clarification of rule situations – but not to any judgment decision. 
  6. Players shall not gather around the pitcher at the start of an inning or following an out. They shall remain near their playing position while tossing the ball around the infield and call encouragement to the pitcher from that point. 
  7. Spectators or players on the team shall not yell (strike, swing, or any other remark toward the players on the opposing team) in order to disrupt the opposing team. 
  8. Noise Makers are not permitted on the facilities (this includes air horns, cowbells, whistles, etc.). Spectators should cease all noise once the pitcher toes the rubber. 
  9. Rings, watches, Little League pins, or any other metal objects must not be worn during games. 
  10. Each team must position a protective player facing the batter in order to stop a batted ball from striking the pitcher warming up in the bullpen area. 
  11. The visiting team will occupy the third base dugout and take infield practice first. 
  12. Managers and coaches must wear proper attire as judged by the Tournament Director. 
  13. Foul or rude language and/or actions by spectators will not be tolerated and may result in offenders being barred from the Tournament facilities. This includes destruction of property. No alcoholic beverages or non-prescription drugs are allowed on the grounds. Tobacco products are permitted in the parking lot in designated areas. 
  14. Coolers will be permitted in the dugout for team use only. A Tournament Committee Member and/or an area Law Enforcement Officer will inspect all team coolers.
  15. Cell Phones, PDA’s, pagers, tablets, or any other electronic device may be used in the dugout provided these devices are not used for communications purposes.  
  • This is a smoke-free facility.
  • No Pop-tents allowed in the complex.
  • No scooters, skateboards, or bicycles on tournament site.
  • No soft-toss against fences.
  • No coolers or outside food/drink will be allowed at tournament site.
  • No pets are allowed at tournament site.
  • No flash photography during play.
  • No team will be permitted to bring any appliance into the complex (fans, extension cords, etc.).
  • No Vehicles Parked along the outfield fence.
  • No Open Carry

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