Check-In Information

The Manager is expected to attend check-in and bring the team binder for review, approval, and signing.
The Manager and Coach(es) must attend the Manager/Coach Meeting

Tuesday, July 11th Check-in Location:
(Location coming soon)

1:00pm 8-10 and 9-11 Softball
1:30pm 10-12 Softball and 9-11 Baseball
2:00pm Junior Softball and Intermediate Baseball
2:30pm         Senior Softball and Baseball
3:00pm          Manager/Coaches' Meeting


Friday, July 14th Check-in Location:
(Location coming soon)

8:30am  Junior Baseball (Meeting following for Junior Manager/Coach)
10:30am 8-10 Baseball
11:00am 10-12 (LL) Baseball
12:00pm        Manager/Coach Meeting
12:30pm Adjourn to Field

If you are adding a replacement player to your roster, have your League President and District Administrator complete the necessary paperwork PRIOR to arriving at the State Tournament.

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