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Frequently Asked Questions

These are taken directly from our Facebook page.

How much will tryouts cost? How many teams will there be?

Tryouts will be free. We don't know how many teams yet. We are hyper focused on quality vs. quantity. The goal is every team formed will be ultra competitive. So the numbers of teams will depend on the number of players who make a team, like any other organization. If we get eight highly skilled U15 players and eight highly skilled U16 players, then we will not fill in the remaining spots at U15 or U16 with lesser skilled players, we would form a single U16 team made up of U15 and U16 players. There would be no U15 team.

What is a "Member" club and what are the benefits of being a member club?
Member clubs can promote they are part of the Gulf Coast Revelers FC on their website and marketing materials. All member clubs' head DOC will get a spot on the Revelers DOC Advisory Board to help shape the direction of the Revelers. Additionally, the three DOCs on the DOC Executive Board will come from members. Member clubs will have their club crest and a link to their club website posted on the Revelers website.  And finally, players from a member club will only pay $100 (a $50 savings) to participate this Fall. Players from non-member clubs are still welcome to participate at a cost of $150. The cost of membership for a club is $500 per year for the whole club. All membership fees collected will go directly into the Revelers for expenses (tournaments, coaching fees, equipment as needed). All competitive clubs may become members of the Revelers.

Is Mobile United FC making money off of the Gulf Coast Revelers FC?

Absolutely not. In fact the expectation is MUFC will be subsidizing the Revelers for at least the first year. Consider players for $100-$150 will get once weekly training, three college showcase tournaments, insurance, full kit (jerseys are loaned), coaches fees, and a tech t-shirt. Players from member clubs pay $100, non-member clubs pay $150. The next question will address members vs non-members.

How does this effect Mobile United FC's partnership with AFC Mobile? This also ties into the age groups for the Gulf Coast Revelers FC.

First, this doesn't effect the Mobile United FC / AFC Mobile partnership at all. The Revelers will have teams from U13-U19 only, but highly skilled U11 & U12 players will be allowed to tryout. The maximum number of teams at any age will be one per gender. There will not be an adult Gulf Coast Revelers FC team, as that goes against why we've started this club. This is all about greater exposure and competition for youth players, so U20 and up wouldn't fall under the mission of the Revelers.

If I’m going to tryout for the Revelers, should I still tryout from my local club?

Absolutely, as you must be part of a soccer club in order to be eligible to tryout for the Revelers.

Is it really only $100 to participate for the entire season?

Yes $100 for players from member clubs, $150 if your home club isn't a member of the Gulf Coast Revelers FC. The fee will include all training (once/week) and tournament fees. As with any soccer club, players will be responsible for personal transportation and hotel fees.

Home club pride... while this isn't a question, it is an important belief of the Revelers. Players will receive shorts as part of their fee, and players are encouraged to put their home club crest on those shorts. We want players to be proud to have made a Revelers team, but never forget their home club with whom they continue to participate.

Do I have to be part of Mobile United FC to participate?

No, this will be open to all players from all clubs. Tryouts will take place in June after players have committed to their home clubs. The idea is to bring the best players along the Gulf Coast together, but at the same time those players must maintain their status with their home club. Literally any club. The Revelers is meant to give players additional exposure and competition, not less. So participating with your home club is a must.


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