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Welcome to Bill Arp Park Cheerleading

Our philosophy is to give all children, regardless of their ability, the opportunity to participate in youth cheerleading. We also strive to provide a program were boys and girls can safely learn the values of teamwork, team spirit, and sportsmanship in a positive and nourishing environment.

Our Cheerleading program is for girls from Kindergarten - 4 years old and up.  With a spot for any degree of ability, we offer cheer squads at various levels, and squads are divided amongst grade levels with some grades being combined. The team composition changes from year to year depending on enrollment. 


Sideline Cheerleading

  Sideline cheerleaders excite the fans at our Tackle Football games. Sideline Cheerleaders will learn fundamental cheers and chants, as well as developing the skills to perform exciting halftime routines, which will support their team and energize their fans from kick off to final whistle. If you have team spirit, high energy, enthusiasm, and want to have fun; then our Sideline Cheer program is for you.

The Sideline Cheer program is designed to provide a positive and nourishing environment that focuses on teamwork, building self-confidence, and having fun!


Competition Cheerleading 

The competitive cheer squads will learn stunting, tumbling, jumps, and a high-energy routine to compete at local competitions, as well as perform at homecoming at Bill Arp Park. Competitive Cheer squads will be established based on registration numbers, and all participants will be placed on a squad should participation numbers allow.

This program is designed to provide a positive environment that focuses on teaching our athletes the value of commitment, hard work, integrity, leadership, self-confidence, and a positive attitude to develop a love for the sport of cheerleading.

Although the level of commitment is higher, we want everyone to have fun!

Bill Arp Park is proud to offer competitive cheerleading to young girls in our community.  These competition cheerleaders will have the opportunity to learn a routine and perform at competitions with other cheerleaders!

This sport encourages teamwork, dedication, and hard work. With these characteristics, the girls will work together to execute a challenging routine.

Each routine is created and perfected with hours of work by the head coach and their assistants. This routine caters to the squads abilities and needs, while challenging the athletes at the same time.

Music is specifically chosen by the head coach to fit the talents of the cheerleaders for that year. The music is licensed and specifically altered to each team's routine and needs.

We are here to help your child learn and grow, not just in cheerleading, but with other life skills as well. Safety and fun are our top priorities. With safety, fun, dedication, and hard work, our cheerleaders will win first place at both competition and in their daily lives.

Who is eligible to compete at Bill Arp Park?

We encourage all ages to register with Bill Arp and participate in the Bill Arp Park events. Registered Competition Cheerleaders are eligible to compete with their squad at competitions! Most of the competitions are local. These competitions begin in October and we hope to run through January or February 2020. We will keep parents updated on competitions throughout the season.

It is a great way for the athletes to interact and bond with each other. We encourage all cheerleaders who are registered for Bill Arp Falcons Cheer, to compete! There are no try-outs. The only fee for competition is for the uniform package fee. ALL Items are yours to keep! 

The only requirement is that they attend practice regularly and have fun! Competition is not the same as sideline. It is more demanding and we require a commitment from both the parent and the cheerleader. We ask that you arrive on time and ready to practice. One person missing a practice can throw the entire routine off. Please consider what is going on in your life and schedule before making the commitment.

*More information to come at a later date*

If you have questions please reach out to Cheer Director(s) Donna & Aimee at 404-273-7099 | [email protected]

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