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Play Box! Get Better! Have Fun!

Play Box! Get Better! Have Fun!


Oregon Box Lacrosse is here to grow the game of lacrosse through small sided (Box & 6's) lacrosse by bringing competitive and affordable programs that give more kids the opportunity to play.
Box lacrosse fosters a better development of skills, so more kids can learn to love the game and choose to continue to play box, or step to field without having to play catch-up.
We believe that small sided lacrosse is the most efficient and beneficial way to develop a player’s skills.

We will provide a program for kids at every level to play and grow as athletes.

By playing small sided lacrosse, we keep the costs to play much lower, and with the focus on games versus practices.

Kids enjoy the sport without the pressure to perform. 

The speed of the small sided game also builds skills much faster than full field as touches on the ball increase 5 times or more per athlete.


Why play Box Lacrosse?
The answer is simple:  Box makes you better!  There is no better way for players to improve upon fundamental skills, stick work, athleticism and toughness than to play box lacrosse.

It is becoming more and more apparent that Canadian players are dominating the college and professional ranks of lacrosse.  This is because Canadian players grow up playing box lacrosse instead of field which develops their skills around the cage and in tighter spaces which then allows them to stand out more once they transition to field lacrosse.  The X's and O's come as players mature but the stick skills are on point. 

How many times do we hear that kids can't catch or throw the ball in the US?  This is because we spend to much time working on the X's and O's of field lacrosse and not enough time working on the  basic skills of the game...Catching and Throwing!

Box focuses more on those skills and players quickly learn how and where to move simply through play and not by standing in line while a coach tries to describe where to go and what to do on the field.  Box lets the kids play and learn as they go.

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