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Play Box! Get Better! Have Fun!

Play Box! Get Better! Have Fun!

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Sep, 2023

HS Chumash League!!

Chumash is a 3v3 version of lacrosse that is played in a smaller space with a 2-sided goal and no goalies.

You only need 3 (6 max) players on a team and you are  all set.

Low contact.  No stick checks allowed.  Riding and body positioning are the keys to good defense.  Some contact will happen so plan accordingly.  (see team player info)

Passing, Catching, Ground Balls and Constant Movement!!

No Goalies!!!

Teams start on either end and have to shoot at the side facing their opponent’s end.

No stick checks, riding or “facing up” defense only.  Footwork and Positioning!

No attackers can touch the crease.  If they do it is a turn-over to the other team.  Defense and run through but not stop.  3 second rule if needed.

Turn-overs of any type must get the ball back to the team's starting area before they can attack the goal.

First team to 3 wins and loser rotates out!

Teams must all have same colored jerseys!


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