Thursday, November 15, 2018
Travel Team Selection

Team Selection

Traveling evaluations will be conducted by individuals from Pitch 2 Pitch. Players will be scored on categories of fielding (infield and outfield), hitting, throwing (including pitching) and running. These scores along with previous statistics/information from the previous season will then be used to formulate teams.

Team formation at the traveling level is ultimately decided by the Baseball Director and Coach. The goal is to select the best 12 players to make up the team taking into consideration special circumstances such as pitchers and catchers. Therefore the 12 highest scoring individuals will not necessarily be the AAA team.

All players who register for traveling and go through the tryout process must realize that if they are assigned to a team they must participate on that team.

Once teams have been developed, there will be no trading of players unless authorized by the Baseball Director.


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