Saturday, April 13, 2024
Fall Baseball Options


Want more baseball?  Ready to get a jump start on next season?
CDAA does not currently manage a Fall Baseball league, but that doesn’t mean you have to put away your bat bag just yet!

Option 1 – Build a team!

  1. Before Summer Baseball is over, ask your team if anyone wants to play fall baseball.  Fill in the gaps with other kids who are at the same age level.  Determine who is going to coach the team.
  2. Go to and sign up your team for Gopher State Fall Baseball League.
  3. Contact City of Champlin or City of Dayton Parks and Rec if you want to block a home field.  You do not need a home field, you can play all your games away in other cities.
  4. Coordinate with other Champlin teams for practices and field availability.  Note fields may be used by other sports too. 

City Contacts
City of Champlin – Charlie Lehn - [email protected]
City of Dayton – Marty Farrell – [email protected]

Game Fields by Age Group:

  • Andrews 5 – 14u and Up
  • Big JRAC (JRAC #2) – 14u and Up
  • Little JRAC (JRAC #1) – 10u to 13u
  • Reynolds – 10u to 13u
  • McNeil – 12u to 13u
  • Northland Fields – 10u to 13u
  • Andrews 1-4 – 10u to 13u
  • Dayton Elementary 1-4 – 10u to 12u

You must register game fields with the Cities.  The city can rent the field out and you would lose your field.  There is a fee per day for rental of fields.

Field Maintenance
If you choose to rent a field from one of our cities, you will need to prep the field before the games. 
Chalk and rakes are at the fields.  Chalk is provided by the city.  If you are running low, please contact the Parks and Rec department.  Field boxes are located at the fields.  You will need to get the combinations to be able to open the box at your field. 
Take care of the fields, this is your home.

 Practice Fields by Age Group (August Only):

  • Champlin Brooklyn Park Elementary 1-3 – 10u to 12u
  • Jackson Middle #1 and #2 (Closest to back parking lot) – 10 to 12u
  • Jackson Middle #3 and #4 (Furthest from back parking lot) – 13 to 14u
  • Champlin Park High School #5 and #6 (West side of School) – 14u and up
  • Dayton Elementary 1-4 – 10u to 12u
  • McNeil – 12u to 13u


Option 2 – Find a Team!

MN offers a variety of fall baseball teams, at all competitive levels.

Links are provided here of known teams.

Pitch 2 Pitch – Fall Select
MN Millers Club Teams
MN Blizzard Fall Development Program
MN Blizzard Elite Program
MN Mash Fall Select Teams
Lumberjacks Fall Instructional and Club Program
Northstar Baseball Club
MN Starters

Good Luck to you in Fall Baseball!
See you next Spring!



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