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Monfort Heights Athletic Association

Preschool Soccer

Our preschool soccer program is designed to best serve our youngest players - setting them up for years of fun and success in the sport by focusing on fun and technical development.

Our preschoolers (and their parents) represent the future - we want to set them up for success! I hope you all will consider participating in our preschool soccer program and please pass word along about it to others who may be interested.

To Register For Preschool Soccer, visit and click on either "Register" (If you don't have an account) or "Login" (If you have an account) in the upper right hand corner.


What Your Player Needs
All Preschool Soccer Players should bring the following with them to every session:

1) Shoes: soccer boots or gym shoes.
No shoes with metal cleats or with a cleat under the point of the toe are allowed (these are typically baseball cleats). Please tie your child's shoes WELL in a double knot so they hold the shoe on their feet and will not need to be retied during the session.

2) Size 3 Soccer Ball.
Please lnflate the ball completely either before each practice or when you arrive. We will have pumps on hand for you to do so. A quality soccer ball will deflate significantly each week. Your child is developing their touch skills and you want them to do that with a properly inflated ball. It should bounce with some spring when you drop it.

3) Shin Guards & Socks.
The shin Guards must be COMPLETELY Covered by the Socks, which should go up to just below the knee or higher if preferred. Many parents will put the sock on first, then the shin guard and fold the sock back down over the shin guard. You can get away with this at the preschool level, but I encourage to NOT put the shin guards on that way because it does not work when the child gets taller. The proper way to dress your lower leg is: first an (optional) thin sock, then the shin guard, then the soccer socks over them.  If you wear two socks, then be careful if you buy shoes. You may need to get them a little bigger to fit the two socks. MHAA will provide game socks for each player once the team assignments are made, but you will likely want to get practice or backup socks as well.

4) Water Bottle
Every child should have a bottle of water that they carry with them. I encourage you to buy a refillable jug and put their name on it. It's smart to get them in the habit of drinking water, not sugary sports drinks like Gatorade. If you do bring Gatorade, bring a small bottle and bring water also. Also, please do not hold the water bottle yourself. It should either be with the child or in a designated spot where all of the teams water bottles are. A big step in preschool soccer is getting kids to the point of independence of their parents so they can play as part of a team. Please don't make them go running to mom or dad every time they are thirsty.

5) Shorts and Shirts
MHAA will provide a game T-Shirt with team logo and colors once teams are assigned. We do not provide shorts and you may have your child wear any shorts that they want to wear. Likewise for practice shirts - any shirt is OK as long as it covers the child appropriately.

6) Soccer Bag
This is optional, but it is a good idea to get a small bag or backpack dedicated to hold your child's soccer ball, water bottle and other soccer accessories so the child can start to develop responsibility for his/her own gear.

7) Permanent Marker
Don't give it to your child, but use it to mark his/her ball, water bottle, jersey tag, etc.

For preschool soccer we have the following expectations of the parents/responsible parties:

1) Stay at the session in case you are needed. If there is an extenuating circumstance and you must leave, then at least let the coach know or have another parent present to assist your child if needed.

2) The restrooms at Blue Rock Park are a short walk from the field. Have your child go to the bathroom before coming. If they have to go during the session, you will need to take them.

3) Communicate with your coach as needed. It's OK to help your child if necessary, We try to get the kids to the point of independence, but they are 4 and 5, so if you need to be on the sideline with them or even on the field a bit, that is OK.

Our Preschool Soccer Games are "Instructional," which means we do not keep score or standings and they are run by the coaches, who will call fouls and infractions and manage the game in order to teach the players about the game of soccer. There will be do-overs and moments of learning.

If you have any further questions, feel free to contact Preschool Soccer Coordinator Greg Schulman at [email protected]