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Oct, 2018

New Field Location

Club Members;

The Club has obtained a new field location for the last 3 weeks of the season which has lights. This will allow our teams to stay outside and not pay the cost of indoors. We have secured the Simon Kramer Institute football Field located at 15 Alliance Street New Philadephia, PA 17959 from October 29, 2018 until November 16, 2018. This will also allow teams participating in the Boyertown Blast Tournament on November 17/18 (or any other tournament that weekend) along with teams making playoffs in the T1 bracket to keep practicing in prep for these events. 

There are some rules which we must go by but mainly just respect the field & complex and leave it the same way it was when you got there. The rules are as follows;
1) We are allowed on the football field & bleachers ONLY. We are not allowed in the building for any reason (except what will be mentioned below) We are allowed to walk the .25 mile trail around the facility. 
2) Hours are Monday thru Thursday 5 pm to 8 pm. We must be cleaned up and off the field by 8:30 pm no exceptions. 
3) Fields must be cleared by 8:30 pm
4) No garbage left on field, bleachers, or grounds. All bottles, snack bags, cleats, mouth pieces must be pickup and taken after each use. There is garbages on site for our use. 
5) Waives must be signed by all coaches, players and affiliates including volunteers. You will see a form attached to this email. Parents please print this out and place your name and child(s) name on it and return to your coaches on the first practice at the site. 
6) Coaches- Per turning the lights on, the concession stand (on top of the field) is open. There is instructions on the power box of how to turn them on. They also must be turned off if you are the last to leave the field. These lights were just purchased to help us out. 
7) There will be a portable on site for our use. We are not to use the indoor facilities as that is an extra cost to the club. 
8) We are ONLY to park in the parking lot and NOT in spaces designated for Patients. Please do not park along the field as this needs to be open for patients to come in and out of.  

They have also extended to the adults gym memberships at $10/month if you would like to use the facilities during practices. Please go to the main office in the building (thru the doors to the left) and you can sign up for that. 

Coaches, parents or players, If there is any issues please contact Me immediately (484-794-0887) or via email [email protected] 

Thank you Everyone and hope you enjoy the field! Please be respectful of the property! 
Donald R Nettles
BMSC Field Director