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Team Mom Roles

Team Roster: First, you will receive a copy of the Team Roster from your Coach.  Use this as a master contact list for your team. It should include:

  • Child’s name
  • Contact Information  (Phone number & email address).

You may also want to get names of other relatives or friends and their contact info if they will be bringing or picking up the child to and from practices or games.

Be aware that other players may be added to the roster.

Set up your email list and make contact with each family. (If a family does not have an email address, make sure you call them personally to keep them updated with all team info.)

Very important: Make sure you are on the E-Mail list that gets information from Tyrone Baseball.

Game Day Snack: Coordinate after game drinks and snacks with parents. Making a list of game dates and who is responsible for refreshments each week. Remind the parents at practice that it’s “their week.”  A helpful tool for this task is SignUpGenius.  It’s easy, user friendly, & will even automatically send the reminder email for you. Making a snack schedule and distributing it is very helpful as well as sending an email or text reminder the night prior to the game they are assigned.  You don’t have to but you may want to keep a nonperishable snack & drink in your car in case someone forgets. For some of younger players, the snack is the absolute most exciting part of the game!

Uniforms:  The Team Mom Coordinator will notify you when the uniforms have arrived.  Please verify that the uniform matches the number and sizes from the Team Roster.  If your team decides to have names printed on the back of the shirts (this is a team decision and does not have to be done), please verify the correct name.  If there is a problem with the uniform, please contact the Team Mom Coordinator immediately.

Picture day: A picture schedule will be posted on  The Team Mom Coordinator will contact you when picture packets and times are available.  The packets need to be completed prior to picture time.  Make sure each parent and child knows when picture day is, what time they need to be at the park, and where we will be meeting before pictures are taken. Advise parents to have children there about 15 min before picture time.  Pictures usually come back in about 4 weeks & are delivered to the teams at their next game. Distribute to the parents as they come.

Concession Stand: A concession stand schedule will be sent from the Team Mom Coordinator as well as available on the website. It is requested that a minimum of 2 parents volunteer from each team for their assigned date. Please try to encourage for 3 or more volunteers. This way you have a backup volunteer if someone is a no-show. The concession stand can be busy during game time, but it is a fun atmosphere while you’re there. Let your parents know that they will never be asked to volunteer while their child is playing. The schedule was created to work around that conflict. However, if you notice that there is an overlap with your game & assigned concession stand duty, please let the Team Mom Coordinator know immediately so that this may be resolved right away.

Plan the team party: Plan ahead & pick a location that works for everyone. Collecting any moneys required for party supplies, food, child and/or coach’s gifts and purchase. Recruit other team parents to assist.

(F.Y.I. Partners Pizza here in Tyrone is a great place with a separate room for parties.)

Help out during the games: Keeping up with the children so coaches can be on the field. They sometimes need to use the restroom or get a drink. Help us keep them focused on the game.  Make kids go to the restroom prior to game time.  This will practically eliminate their need to leave the dugout during the course of a game.

Recruit a “BENCH PARENT” or even 2.  This makes a huge difference during game time. 

Relay any important information: Relay information that comes from the Tyrone Baseball or from the Head Coach to the parents. Help keep the team “in the loop” with anything they might need to know concerning any schedule changes such as cancellation due to weather.

2017 Spring Concessions Schedule


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