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Taylor Creek Youth Organization is an all volunteer club that takes pride in providing recreational and select youth programs designed to provide training, healthy competition and enjoyment for youths ages 3 to 18. We thrive to develop programs to create interest between children and their parents in sports, their club and the community. We need the support of each TCYO family to make our program a success! We want everyone to always remember everything we do is for the pleasure and enjoyment of the kids!

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Taylor Creek Youth Organization
P.O Box 7
Miamitown, Oh 45041

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 Online sign ups can be done with a Credit Card. A 3% fee will be charged to your credit card at the time of the transaction.

Spring Soccer is for boys and girls ages 3 to 18.
Fall Soccer is for boys and girls ages 3 to 18.
Premier Soccer is for boys and girls ages 7 to 14 looking for higher competition.

Lollipop questions contact [email protected]            
                Soccer questions contact [email protected]
Baseball questions contact Bob Lyons [email protected] 
T-Ball and Pony League questions contact  Kelly Utley at [email protected] 
Softball questions contact [email protected]

Registration Info

   15U                       $135.00    
   14U                       $135.00
   13U                       $125.00
   12U                       $125.00
   11U                       $120.00
   10U                       $120.00
     9U                       $120.00
     8U                       $120.00
     7U                       $80.00
     6U                       $80.00
Tee Ball (4-5U)        $80.00

    Fast Pitch      $100.00
    Instructional  $80.00

Lollipop 2018-2019 $75 (Shirt Included)
Soccer 2005-2008 $105 ($120 with uniform)
Soccer 2009-2010 $100 ($115 with uniform)
Soccer 2011-2012 $95 ($110 with uniform)

Soccer 2013-2017 $90 ($105 with uniform)

*** Annual Family Fee $
20 ***  

8U - 14U: 12/9/22 - 1/9/2023:
(Late Registrations will be placed on a Waiting List and cannot be guaranteed a spot on a team)

4&5U (Teeball), 7U & 15U: 12/9/2022 - 2/27/2023:
(Late Registrations will be placed on a Waiting List and cannot be guaranteed a spot on a team)

(Registrations after 7/14/2023 will be charged a $15 late fee. Registrations after 7/30/2023 will be charged a $15 late fee and placed on a Waiting List and cannot be guaranteed a spot on a team)

(Registrations after 7/14/2023 will be charged a $15 late fee.) Registration ends 8/13/2023

Please see the baseball home page at ( for all important dates and information regarding the 2023 Season. We also have multiple opportunities to volunteer in leadership roles within the program, so please consider those opportunities while registering your players. Please note we MUST have a head coach for each team to participate in the league.  Please consider registering as a volunteer coach during the signup process. 

Club News

TCYO is now on Twitter and Facebook for club updates on youth sports. 
Please visit and follow our social media accounts


If you are looking to register for your existing Premier team please work with your coach do not register here.  This registration is only for recreational soccer.

Fall Sports online signups are now open. 

We are still fine tuning the registration.  Please contact [email protected] if registration is not working for you.

TCYO is also offering Premier teams.  If you are interested in higher competition without the cost of a select club please contact  [email protected].  We are looking for additional teams and coaches, wanting to expand into this arena.

As always we will do what we can to find a team for everyone wanting to participate.

Hardship cases are taken on a case by case basis.  Please contact the coordinators for more details.



  • We are looking for a SAY Soccer coordinator to represent TCYO.  We are also looking for someone who would be interested in heading up our Hotfire Soccer Tournament.  Please contact [email protected]

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For more club information visit our webiste at

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