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Quality soccer for the youth of Northeastern Connecticut

Quality soccer for the youth of Northeastern Connecticut

Please note:  you are NOT required to pay to register for try outs.  Upon receiving offer and acceptance after try outs costs will be applied.


NECONN Travel Soccer:

Competitive Soccer is the vehicle used for the transition from recreational play to a higher level of competition. NECONN belongs to CJSA, the Connecticut Junior Soccer Association, which is comprised, of individual clubs throughout the state. We play our games with other clubs who belong to the Northeast District and in the Rhode Island Super Liga. 

•     NECONN Travel Teams include a full year of play Fall and Spring.

•      Practice is typically held twice a week with days and times depending on the field and coach’s availability.

•       Teams play about 8 games in both Fall & Spring, 4 home and 4 away games.

•       Teams may also play indoor soccer at a local sports facility during the winter, attend tournaments and enter the Connecticut Cup.                      Winter/Tournaments/Cup are all optional.

When you try-out  for a NECONN Travel Team, you are committing to a full year of play. Some players who try out  do not make  the team. The travel  soccer  fee is $235 for  the year with an approximate uniform  cost  of an approximate additional $90. NECONN has partnered with NOW to offer scholarships  to players who may need financial assistance.


Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the difference between travel and recreation?

Recreation soccer focuses on fun and is a good fit for all players. Recreation soccer allows children to play at their own pace. Travel soccer is geared toward those players that are looking for additional coaching and competition. It is for children who have a strong desire to learn more about the game and want to continue to build their skills. Our Travel Program builds a good base for those players looking to play Middle School or High School soccer.

What does the commitment to Travel look like?

Travel teams typically practice 2 times a week and 1 game per weekend. Attendance at practice and games are required. Half of the games are played on a local NECONN fields. The other half of the games are away with normally no more than an hour drive.  Frequent opponents are Stafford, Vernon, Ashford/Mansfield (WAM), Hebron (RHAM), and teams over the border in Rhode Island.

 What is the cost and how does it compare to Recreation?

The cost for Travel soccer  is $235 for both spring and fall. Travel uniforms cost approximately $90 but   can be worn for sever al seasons. NECONN offers recreation soccer t o all travel players at NO COST.   NECONN has partnered with NOW to offer scholarships to players who may need financial assistance. Please do not let cost be a deterrent!

How do I know if my child is the right fit for Travel soccer?

The travel soccer player is coachable, wants to get better, likes competition, and is reliable. 

How much playing time will my child get?  

In recreation soccer, there is even playing time for all players. In competitive play, each player will get some playing time in each half at the discretion of the coaches. Please note that Travel Players can play recreation soccer at no cost for additional playing time.        

Are there cuts at Travel Tryouts?

Depending on the number of roster spots available there may be cuts. NECONN is open to having two teams per age group if there are enough numbers to support a full additional team. Volunteer coaches will be needed.

What age groups/teams are available to join?

Tryouts are for  the U8-U19 age groups.  U8-U14 have tryouts towards the end of the current travel  soccer year’s spring season, and U15 and up tryout after the fall season due to CIAC rules and  high     school sports. Currently, some age groups have several team s and some age groups do  not have a  team. NECONN is looking to expand our travel program. Our goal is to form at least one or more travel team for each age group.  Every team is looking for new players!

What  is expected of parents?            

Team parents are expected to be the positive reinforcement behind the children. Every effort should be made to get the child to practice and to games  when possible. Parents are expected to follow the code of conduct which is given out to all parents and properly abide by these rules. NECONN has adopted a Zero Tolerance policy in the officiating of games and improper behavior will  affect the team.  Each parent is expected to applaud the efforts of ALL CHILDREN  on the field. Win or lose when a child gives his or her best effort that is all anyone can ask, they should always hold their heads high and be proud, and parental approval is what they seek for their efforts.


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